15th August: – A DAY OF GLORY

India, a country which was famously known as the Golden Bird in the previous century,  was left with no wings and no Pride unless some extraordinary warriors like Bharat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Jawaharlal  Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi and many more freedom fighters fought to get back their countries freedom . The true dedication and devotion towards their country was their Motivation. On 15th August 1947, India finally became a democratic country but the period of slavery was a great loss to the Indian Economy. In the current scenario India is lagging behind in terms of its GDP and NI as compared to the other developing countries. Though, it’s on an upward moving direction but the growth is in a crawling position which is no doubt beneficial but in the cut throat competition it will take quite a long time duration for India to become a developed country. It’s good to see that the current Government is working hard in the economical growth & is practicing every possible technique in vanishing corruption from the country but we as the citizen of our country must abide by the rules and norms allotted for the betterment of the nation, for instance, paying taxes on time, keeping surroundings clean, planting more and more trees and making the city pollution free, etc. It’s been long 67 years since our country has got freedom…But…the question is…Are we really free?  Democracy teaches us that we make the Government which is for the people, of the people and by the people but…are people really aware of the fact that they have certain democratic rights with which they can get what they actually deserve. Mostly on the Indian rural areas we see human exploitation to a great extent. People are not getting enough for their livelihood. Farmers contributing their entire strength are getting the wages in pennies whereas the Zamindari system is still practiced in most of the rural regions. So, being the young generation of the nation we must spread the knowledge to as many people we can who are still living with the unawareness of the laws and regulations which can help them for a better living, for instance, Government has launched many yojna schemes and subsidies for the people blow poverty which will help them to face the dearness to some extent. 15th August, has became just another patriotic day for the youngsters to celebrate with the motivational speeches, patriotic dance/singing performances but my dear friends rather than celebrating this day of victory as a showoff let’s celebrate it as a day of pride and on this day spare some time from your busy schedules and let’s try to help the needy ones by providing the best we can. For a poor kid who has never played with a soft toy…your kid’s used toys which are of no use now…would bring immense joy to the kid who has never seen such thing. So, this Independence day..Kuch Accha Kar Ke Dekho..Accha Lagta Hai !!

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