Bangalore : Try to maintain humanity if you are a human Being

The incident that happened on the New Year’s Eve was not only shameful, but it has also raised a big question mark on the security of the police and also the mentality of the developed states. And the most shocking thing was that it all happened all in a high security area.  The happening changed my perception about the people living in the developed cities like Bangalore, where people are intended to be open- minded and have a matured approach towards life. Almost everyone over there was drunk and they took a woman being in a short dress and enjoying as an invitation. I mean, really? 70 years since independence and the world been kissed the 21st Century, still why have we not developed our mentality? Is there any way by which this kind of mentality can be changed? It doesn’t seem so. The incident has once again raised a big question mark on the safety and security of women and the cheap mentality of the people that a woman or a girl should not go out after dark. No doubt there are many who think the same. But let’s not talk of them.

The incident shocked the nation and everyone could be seen giving their reaction on the incident. And as a common fashion nowadays, people were giving their opinions, showing their anger on the social media and by sharing the posts and thousands of people liking and sharing it. This time period of showing concern was limited till 2 or 3 days after the incident became a media headline. After that, neither the media nor the intellectuals could be seen raising questions on the security. It once again proved that we cannot do anything other than a status update on the social site with an emotion of feeling angry and liking and sharing the video of the actors who felt really bad for the victims. Now my question to everyone, does our responsibility end over here? Let’s have a guy’s reply on this. Does sharing a post with full of anger for the accused ends your responsibility towards the society, towards the mankind? The perfect statement made in the video by actor Akshay Kumar- “Jo samaaj apni aurton ko izzat nahi de sakta, use apne aap ko insaani samaj kehne ka koi haq nahi”. And I actually agree with him on this point. It should not be a question mark that why the girl wore short dresses or why the girl went out after dark? The guy also needs to be shown his limits. A girl’s skirt is not short or her dressing sense is not cheap, what is cheap is the mentality of unfortunately, but the so- called developed 21st century peoples. Though we are living in the 21st Century, but unfortunately, we are still mentally, living in the 19th or the 20th Century. I sometimes feel, who is responsible for this mindset that, it should be a girl’s responsibility to take care of her dignity? Can’t say how to change this mentality! Some say, it will change along with time, but I don’t think so. To the people who think that the cases of molestation or eve- teasing happens with the girls who go out at night and wear short dresses, let me clear your confusion with a fact which is that, a criminal mind will not see the dress, there are cases of molestation seen with the women or girls wearing a salwaar- kameez. If not, then tell me why a case is seen of a small 6 year old girl being raped by his neighbour or by his uncle?

Our responsibility does not end by just sharing the incident on a facebook page or on twitter, sitting in an arm chair. It is my appeal, both to guys and girls, if you really want to bring a change, don’t just share the stuff, rather try to make it a habit of helping a girl out if you see a cheap guy passing comments on her. Try to treat her as a human being. Try to maintain humanity if you are a Human Being, don’t turn a beast. Try to prove your manhood by showing respect towards a woman, not by passing comments on the girl who crosses your way, just after criticizing the curse on a social media. We used to take a pledge during our school days- “All Indians are my brothers and sisters”. I wonder was it limited till the school days. Please try to initiate it after you pass your school or your college. I don’t think we should debate on this issue and give the political parties and opportunity to create a vote bank for them by blaming each other. If we really want to bring a change, we should start the change from ourselves. And to the girls, there is nothing bad in wearing short dresses or partying on New Year or Christmas Eve, but it is bad to ignore those beasts. Learn self defence, because it is a must in the time of today’s world. I agree, it would not work, if those perverts come in a mob, but still, it will help you in some way or the other. NGO’s should also come forward in this regard and organize self- defence training sessions for girls. Like the Karnataka Police, in every state, police should try to be a little fast and grab the accused as fast as possible. And if talking about Bangalore Case, there have been four arrests made till now and what is most common among them is that, they all are in their early 20’s. Yes, they are all young. I would also make an appeal to the Parents of the Guys that not only have an eye on your girl, have an eye on your guy as well on what he is doing. Please do not support or try to save him if he has done something wrong just because he is a guy. Keep an eye on what he does and try to give same values to both the kids. This curse, I agree would not end in one day, but if we join hands, it will end some day. We will be able to create a women- friendly, safe India if we join hands in this regard.

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