Economics is the science which deals with production, distribution and consumption of goods. The subject has both qualitative as well as quantitative aspects. Economics is a challenging and interesting subject. This subject holds importance for the Arts and commerce students. CBSE Class 12 Economics is a mixture of theoretical as well as mathematical part and scoring well in the subject is easy. The subject requires hard work, clarification of concepts since it involves theoretical and mathematical elements. Little effort, understanding of the subject, repeated practice, graphical presentations, point wise presentation and skill full learning will help you to fetch good marks in CBSE Class 12 Economics.

Some of the important Tips for preparation of CBSE Class 12 Economics are as –

  1. Learn the definitions properly and memorize explanation in points.
  2. Prepare notes of the important concepts.
  3. Micro Economics has the mathematical concept and one should practice the numerical part and clarify the doubts.
  4. Prepare a separate copy of all the Formulas and revise all the formulas regularly.
  5. Time yourself and solve problems repeatedly as this will increase accuracy and speed.
  6. Learn and Brush up the theoretical part from the prepared notes and textbooks. A part from this macro economics needs updates on the ongoing issues in the government sector as well as on new survey , issues , research etc and for this you need to go through the newspapers and news as and when possible.
  7. Solve the ten years model test papers and Sample papers.
  8. Read the NCERT Text book properly and go through each and every topic mentioned in the text book.
  9. Make sure you remember all the important concepts and formulas before the main exam.
  10. Economics is more of a theory paper and if you need to score well you should practice writing to increase your writing speed.
  11. Try to present the theoretical question point wise and avoid writing too lengthy answers.
  12. Try as much as graphical representation when you write your main exam and be sure the data that you are providing is correct.
  13. Keep your answer sheet clean and your way of presentation should be good
  14. Draw a line after every answer and highlight the important points and topics.
  15. At last keep at least 15 minutes to revise your answer sheet before you submit your answer sheet finally to the examiner.

 These are some of the important Tips of preparation for the CBSE Class 12 Economics paper. If you score well in this paper your overall percentage would be above 80 percent. Every student should make a note of these important Tips if he wants to score well in the CBSE class 12 Economics paper.

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