Below are some important Tips to prepare for class 10 board exams. How to prepare for class 10 board exams ?. Some of the exam preparation tips mentioned below to secure well in board exams.

  1. Thorough Knowledge of the Syllabus – One should have thorough knowledge of the syllabus as in the Board Exams questions are asked from all the arenas and one should be well versed with the syllabus to do exceptionally well.
  2. Prepare Brief Notes of the Topics that are Frequently asked – Brief notes should be prepared of the topics that are frequently asked as this will help one to remember the important topics and will help during the exams time to prepare for the important topics easily .
  3. Practice the Numerical papers well – To do well in the numerical papers you should practice well and solve the numerical properly. You can do well in the numerical only when you practice the important sections and frequently asked numerical regularly.
  4. Prepare a Time Table – You should prepare a Time Table as how you would devote time for all the subjects including time for your other day today activities. The time table should be prepared in such a way that you should devote more time on the subjects in which you are weak.
  5. Time Management – You should have a proper Time management when you are attempting a paper. Proper Time management will help you to score well.
  6. Solve Ten years Board question papers – One should solve Ten years Board questions papers before going for the main exams as this will give you a fair idea of the paper .
  7. Practice writing – One should practice writing before going for the main exams as this will help you to complete the paper in time and you don’t have to stretch yourself till the last minute .
  8. Try to write the paper in the best Handwriting – Your Handwriting plays a major role in securing marks. If you are having a good hand writing the examiner will have a good marking of your paper and you will score well.
  9. Solve Model question Papers and Sample Papers – You should practice through the sample papers and model Test Papers. After your Pre Boards you should rely only on the Sample papers as this will make you familiar with the frequently asked questions.
  10. Focus on the Subjects you are weak – One should pay attention to the subjects in which an individual is weak. You should focus on weak subjects as this will give a chance to secure above average marks in those.
  11. Practice Highlighting the Important points – When you write answers make a practice of highlighting the important points especially in the theoretical papers.
  12. Try to have a separate Study room – When you near to your exams you should have a separate study room as this will help you to prepare well and will allow you to concentrate more.
  13. Eat a healthy diet – You should eat a healthy diet as this will keep you healthy and will help you to have a good health during the exams
  14. Revise well – Try to manage your schedule in such a way that you should have time for revision of every paper. Revision plays a vital role in scoring good marks.
  15. Fix Time for Meditation and Exercises – Have some time for meditation and exercises as this will help you remember what you have learnt. You will fell relax and will ease out tension and stress level.


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