Life is full of unexpected happenings. We don’t know what will happen in our life the next moment but we all are positive that everything will be fine. Class x board exams plays a very significant role in our lives. Examination basically asses our knowledge and help us to know our status in studies. It helps us to identify our real potential, strengths and weakness. Above all it teaches us many good traits like punctuality, time management, power of toleration and perseverance.


One has to pass different exams of his life but for everyone who is a student of class X or class XII Board Exams plays a very significant role in his life. And when it is the Class X Board exams then it is considered the most crucial one as it is the stepping stones for our glorious future. Board exams are the decider of the future of a student. On the basis of the merit of the Class X Board exams the student enters to a level on the basis of his merit and decides in which field he will go.  The class X Board exams occurs in the month of march and the results are declared in May – June and after this the student chooses stream of their interest (Maths , Biology , Humanities or commerce ) for higher education.

Now days the pressure is tough on the students side also and on parents side also as on the basis of the percentage or grades secured in the Board exam the students gets the stream he or she wishes to take. I have seen situations in which the student wishes to opt for Science or commerce in a very good school but sometimes as his percentage is low he is not able to get and his career is at a stake. Board exams are the decider of the direction and if this exam is taken lightly or if the student is not able to secure as per the expectations than he is not able to shape his career in the right direction.  In every board pattern whether it is the CBSE or any state board the performance of the student in the Board exams matters a lot and it becomes a key factor for getting admission in higher secondary schools of their choice.

Hence all the students who are appearing in this deciding exam of life in the year 2017 should completely focus in this as it is just almost one and half month when your crucial life test starts and all should be destined to score well so that they could come with flying colours and can full fill their ambitions of life.

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