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CAT Exam is thought as one of the toughest exams of life. IIMS is considered as the dream homes for management aspirants across the country. Qualifying the CAT exam with high percentile will take you to one of the IIMS and your life will be settled after 2 years you give to the institute. Now How to crack CAT Exam is a big question. Cracking the CAT Exam needs the right attitude and proper time management. If you have the right attitude and an excellent knack of time management you can qualify the exam with good percentile in the first attempt itself.

The best way to crack CAT exam is that you should move with a proper strategy and you should seek guidance from the former candidates who have already qualified this exam. Before you go for the CAT exam you should go through the CAT exam syllabus and online modules given in the various websites as this will give you a fair idea about the type of questions and the CAT exam pattern. Now day’s study materials are posted on the website and this will help you a lot to understand the sequence and pattern of the CAT exam. This exam needs a level and concepts and when you go through the different kinds of study materials and the mock tests it will help you to understand your present level and how you should reach the expected level to qualify the CAT exam. There are many kinds of apps like by downloading BY JU’s Learning App and going through the CAT online forums will help you to know the strengths and areas of improvement and will help you to know the time required to know the new concepts to take up the exam.


  • Take a diet CAT mock test available online to evaluate your current level.
  • You can enroll yourself in some of the best CAT coaching institutes like TIME, Career Launcher and others so that you could get a better direction.
  • One should work on building your quantitative aptitude and general language skills.
  • You should work on verbal ability and logical reasoning.
  • Take mock Tests to evaluate and judge your progress.
  • Work on Non- MCQ questions as well.
  • Have a separate formulae book and revise it daily at least once.
  • Learn topic from the scratch to have a strong foundation.
  • Use short Tricks and smart techniques to reduce calculation time.
  1. Practice the different kinds of practice sets and solve at least one unsolved paper daily with proper frame of time.
  2. Increase your vocabulary so that you do not fumble when you come across different kinds of words in the comprehension part.
  3. Practice reading so that you do not lose track while you are solving the RC part.
  4. In the Data Interpretation and Logical reasoning part never assume information and always take the information given explicitly.
  5. Pay attention to words in the Data interpretation part and draw precise arrangement tables to avoid confusion.
  6. Practice a lot as practice is the key to success in all the segments like verbal ability, reading comprehension, Data interpretation and logical reasoning part. Learn how to manage time as time management will help you to have an extra edge over the other aspirants.

Cracking the CAT exam is easy when you set your goal right and aim for the best. One should test himself daily to know the new hidden challenges and you will see improvement day by day. You should know what you have to do and where you are as every sunset will help you to reach nearer to your goal. We have discussed almost all the tips to crack CAT exam and the aspirants who are taking the CAT exam 2017 should go through it and start their preparation this minute itself and start their journey to take up this exam and qualify the exam with flying colours.

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