The crowning and biggest defect of our educational system is the passive and mechanical character. Nowadays, student plays no role in attaining knowledge as their educational system is totally mechanical and passive in which only theoretical knowledge is dumped into his mind which he cannot digest which he only crams and therefore that knowledge never becomes his own. In the words of Dr. Annie Besant-“Our education system is just dumping into the heads of young generation disjointed facts with a sole motive of empting it in the examination hall, once it is dumped as there is nothing into the heads the young generation is with the empty basket in the world with nothing in his head.” This is why a student who scores superb marks in the examination fails miserably in the examination of life.


There was a time in India when it was noted all over the world as a glorious centre of Education and culture where students all over the globe used to come and take education. Earlier taking education in India was a privilege but now the scene has completely changed .The educational and cultures centre of Nalanda, Taxila and Prayag used to attract students from Egypt, Greece, China, Ceylon and Indonesia. Earlier the education system of India was fascinating, sweet and used to infuse in the minds of the students a light of spirituality, humanity into the minds which used to differentiate this system with the system of the other parts of the world. But the current system is shocking totally theoretical , burdensome , based on formal completion and a system which needs radical change .After political independence also we are not able to achieve a dynamic system which would shape our new generations with a idealistic approach and a result oriented system which would fetch them to earn bread .

Now we would discuss the present mode of education in detail. Our present education system is predominantly academic and theoretical. The students are taught lessons from books and they are not provided knowledge of wisdom, morale building, character building, concept of cultural development, love of virtue and righteousness, rules of religion, respect for teachers and parents. But now days our education system is based on the false glamour of western civilization which lead out students astray and they have forgotten the traditional cultures and philosophies which used to make India distinct from other countries. Course of study and curriculum doesn’t breathe the air of freedom of national independence. Students now days actually don’t learn hence they are not having any love for learning and hence no respect for teachers and the bond between student and teacher is totally lost which was the main essence of true learning. Now day’s students just consider teachers as paid servants and they think if they are having money they can buy education anyhow and can complete it. The problem of indiscipline among students is increasing day by day and this is a big question mark on our education system and this truly questions what actually our new generations are getting and they are moving to the dark phase of life.

Moreover our education system is rigid which lacks provision of physical training, games, sports, extracurricular activities. Due to our economic system there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor. The students who are poor although much intellectual are not able to take higher education or any technical education due to their economic system as our present education system is quite expensive. Now days even for the upper middle class people higher education have become a white elephant. Many students who are willing to take up, take up their career in the field of medicine, management, technical, Research and other diversified fields of their interest are not able to move forward in their career due to economic crisis. One more problem with our education system is the reservation policy opted for various jobs. Due to the reservation policy the students who deserve are not able to find a place and the students who are of less potential and are of not good caliber find a place in top government institutes. This causes demotivation among the general category students and they move themselves to some other fields.

Now we would discuss the major defect of our education system. Our education system is not employment based. Our education system produces so many graduates every year but 90 percent of the graduates are unemployed. The new generation after attaining higher degrees also is not able to earn their own bread and after 25 years of age also they depend on their parents. This is an irony but we need to accept this. In the recent years our education system has improved but the quality of education has not improved as we believe in the number of graduates and post graduates our universities are producing every year. Our education system is just becoming a pastime luxury, a form of amusement like many other modern things of entertainment.

So we need a drastic change in our education system and our education system calls for a radical change. We need to reconstruct our education machinery for the new generation in which our nation depends. We would emphasis more on getting a job with the overall development of an individual. Need to device as early as possible a comprehensive national scheme of education which would bring about a total change in the education machinery and re define the same in such a way so that our coming generations would be benefited .


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