Deforestation Essay – An alarming Issue!

Deforestation today is a problem which we are facing today and the ill effects of deforestation is also affecting our lives. Now firstly, let us know what is deforestation? It means permanent destruction of forest in order to make the land available for other use. Deforestation is clearing earth’s forest on a massive scale. It is resulting in the damage in the quality of land. Deforestation has laid to a negative impact to our environment. The most dramatic impact is a loss of habitat of millions of species. 80% of animals live in forest. Many cannot survive in the deforestation which destroy their home. The reality can be seen by us before our eyes. We almost daily face monkey menace, ever wondered who is responsible for them? Actually we are ourselves responsible for the problem. They ponder between us because they have no place to live for. Their homes are being cleared by us to fulfill and satisfy our needs and mostly our greed. Deforestation is a man made disaster which is leading to a very bad impact on our environment. It is affecting the lives of the wildlife species which are totally dependent on the forest for their survival. Logging operations, which provide world’s wood and paper products also cut countless trees each year. Deforestation also leads to climate change- the reality which we are experiencing today. If you see the climate in the month of March and April, you will experience the heat which was used to be experienced in the month of May- June. It is the result of our greed that we are not able to get a shade in this scorching sun. Our greed is wholly responsible for what is happening. Trees lay an important role in maintaining climate. Trees help perpetuate the water cycle by returning water vapour to the atmosphere. Trees also play a critical role in absorbing the greenhouse gases that fuel global warming. Fewer forest means larger amounts of green house gases entering the atmosphere – and increase in global warming.

Ever wondered why deforestation is increasing day by day. There are many causes of deforestation. They are like- Firstly; to make land available for urbanisation- The population is getting towards urbanisation day by day. The population is also increasing. And to find a place to live, to survive, the humans have being cutting trees in a very large number and fulfilling its basic needs. Another reason can be for the development purpose, which we are doing today in the name of modernization. The resources available today are being recklessly used by man not keeping in mind the fact that these resources need to be reserved and maintained for our future generation too. According to the report of an RTI filed, India is losing 135 hectares forest daily. This is also increasing loss of habitat. Whenever we clear acres of forest, the animals and species lose their habitat and die.

Man is using the resources available with our Mother Nature so recklessly that he does not realise that he will have to pay back to Mother Nature in some way or the other.  We need to think for our future generation too. The drinking water level is decreasing day by day. Water, the most important thing for a human survival is decreasing. The need of drinking water is increasing with the increase in the population. Trees and greenery in the environment helps in maintaining the water cycle. It not only maintains the fertility of the soil, but it also helps in maintaining the temperature of the environment. According to the recent research report, the areas with less greenery were reported to be 5 degrees hotter than that of the areas full of greenery. That is also much enough to prove what importance and what role does forest play in maintaining the temperature of the environment.

Afforestation is the need of an hour. We need to plant more and more trees because the unpredictable climate nowadays which we are facing is a kind of warning that if we do not wake up now, it will be too late for us. A very good line I had read somewhere that– “The man needs to understand that the earth is for our need, but not for our greed”. One man, one plant should be our motto from now onwards. Let’s take a pledge not to misuse the natural resources which are a gift from Mother Nature. We need to keep this thing in our mind which I had learnt in my childhood- “We are not the owner of this earth; we are like a tenant who is here for a particular time and with a full repairing lease.” It is our responsibility to take care of nature and reserve the natural resources for our future generation. Because if we will not think of our future generation then no one will think, we will have to make a move ourselves in this regard and also encourage others to do so. I would end by the amazing lines said by someone and which totally fits on our present situation- “Kya maaneingi nasle jo ye jeev jantu bache nahi, tasveer ka ye mor kabhi nachta bhi tha”.

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