Digital India- How far beneficial till date? Essay, Project

This is one of the ways by which our Honbl’e Prime Minister has dreamt of a developed India. He is well- versed with the importance of Digitization in the Economy. One can carry his/her transactions just on one click. This will no doubt save a lot of time. Online transactions have made it very easy to transfer money from one a/c to another without going to the bank. Majority of people nowadays have been using online techniques to do the transaction. Even nowadays online buying of vegetables and grocery items have become a trend. Bollywood stars can be seen motivating people for downloading the application and ordering the items online. And it is also happening. The Digital India Programme which was started by the Honbl’e Prime Minister, its motive is to transform India into a digitally empowered society and a knowledge economy. Creating unprecedented level of transparency and accountability in governance and leveraging technology for quality educations are also some of the motives of Digital India. Introduction of technologies in the teaching process is one of the ways of Implementing Digital India. Nowadays, one can find schools using the Audio- Visual to teach the students, to make them easily understand the concepts. And it is helping the students very much. Students are finding the classes interesting and are adopting new ways of learning. Online teachings and online lecture are also becoming a part of modern teachings. PPT’s are being given privilege, both in schools and colleges. And the high school and 12th Class results are a proof that children are trying to adapt this type of educational techniques in a faster manner and are learning the concepts very easily.


Experts say that digitization will also create job opportunities for the young aspirants who dream to make their career in IT Field. Computer Literacy is one of the important factors in the development of the country. And the programme of Digital India will be helpful in the development of the Country. It can be seen in the developed countries like America that almost everyone over there is a computer literate. The computer programmings to students are taught practically to them instead of teaching them the theory. This is a step to increase the scope of technology in the country. According to the website of Government of India, to facilitate ICT enabled employment generation throughout the country, BPO’s would be set up in North- Eastern State under North East BPO Promotion scheme. It will create employment opportunity for about 1, 45,000 persons. It also aims to provide IT trainings to enable the citizens to use IT and related applications have been approved for livelihood earning and employability. It seems, if this scheme is properly implemented, this will not only create job opportunities for many people, but also it will help to motivate people to go digital. It will be beneficial to the people both in urban as well as rural areas to get access to all the digital services available.

It will also be helpful in maintaining the transparency between government and the public. It will give good career opportunity to the software developers also and they will be able to showcase their talent in their own country. They will not feel the need to go abroad, when they are getting the opportunities within their countries itself. It will encourage the talented minds of our country to use their talent in their own country. Digital India is one of the ambitious programmes of Government of India in order to lessen the gaps between the government projects and the general public. After digitization, the scope of Information Technology is increased and the young minds are trying to specialise in this field. Companies in IT sectors are also giving good packages to the Graduates.  If it comes out to be successful, then, after that, the economy will be converted into a paperless economy within the coming few years. By linking Adhaar Card to the documents, at one, finger print scan, all the documents will be available, there will be no need for a person to carry their documents everywhere. With Digital India, Modi ji is trying to bring everyone to the Internet. Online filing of form, be it for Competitive exams or any government post has helped the people a lot. Now you do not need to stand in line and pay fees. Online fees payment option is available for people. Online submission of forms is being carried out nowadays. Not only this, online tax payment, online electricity bill are some of the examples of Digitization of Economy. A lot of time of General Public is saved because of this.

Overall, it can be said that it has proved to be very much beneficial for the country in every way. People are becoming more and more computer literate. And a massive support it is getting from the general public, especially, the youth. And, this will prove to be beneficial in the development of the country in the coming few years.

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