Failure- The End or a New Beginning?


A very motivating quote said by Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam- “Never stop fighting until you arrive at your destined Place- i.e. the Unique You. Have an aim in life, continuously acquire knowledge, work hard and have perseverance to realise the great life”. It seems the above mentioned lines are enough to say what I wish to say by the above title. The best three words that keep inspiring me throughout- “Never stop fighting”. Agreed, we all in our lives get disheartened because of failure, but the big question- How is it the END? Definitely not. But then why news can be seen coming of teenagers committing suicide just because of a failure. What is it that is preventing our young minds to take this step and end the most beautiful creation of god i.e. life? Most of the times it is the peer pressure (pressure given by relatives, family friends), everyone wants his/ her child to excel in every field, which is the most difficult part. And the worse thing, what we could see in a normal family is that Parents are seen comparing their children with others. A common dialogue we listen- “If that child can do, why can’t you.”? May be the technique is used to motivate a child, but has anyone imagined, it may also backfire and instead of getting motivated, a child may get demoralised. And it happens in most of the cases. And it is difficult in that situation to bring the child back to normal. And nowadays, a child can be seen getting in a state of Depression very easily, and shockingly a child below the age of even 15 years.

I ask does it prove that a person is worth nothing, just because he has a setback in one of the phases of his life. Not at all. I think- “Haarna galat nahi hai, haar maan lena galat hai”. There are many things within our surroundings which motivate us to move forward in life and never give up. For example- a baby bird, learning to fly, it is hard for her in the beginning, but does she give up? No. She tries hard. Another example of a lion- someday he gets food to eat, but other days, it does not. So, does he stop to hunt in search of food? No. He stills attempts for a second chance, whenever he gets. Even there is an excellent quote said by Thomas A. Edison- “Our Greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time”. The best way to motivate yourself for the next attempt is assume that it was just not your day. Just like all the five fingers are not equal, think that every time you will not face failure, this phase will also pass some day. Life is just like a season, for some time, sadness and failure will be there, but as after night, sun has to come to welcome the light, likewise, if today, the phase of failure is there, definitely, there will be a phase of success too. One should try to look at the positive and brighter sides of life. You may have that unique talent in you that others might not have. Look at that side, what is it that makes you completely different from others? Focus on that. There is a possibility that the destiny has decided something else for you and what you just need is to start working on that. May be that particular quality helps you to earn name and fame, for which you had always dreamt of. It is not a compulsion to walk on the same path on which others did; one is always free to take the road not taken. And there are many success stories of successful people who took a different path and are successful today. No doubt, they had to struggle a lot. But the most important part was that they never gave up. They would have failed many times before getting successful, but they worked hard on it. And our ex- president Late Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam also said that- “If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun”. Everyone has expectations from himself/ herself, there is a full chance that he might get disheartened if unable to achieve that. But it does not mean that you cannot achieve it. Of course you can. Just have a belief and faith that- “I can do it, I will do it and I will try to eliminate the drawbacks which are stopping me to win.” Say these words to yourself at least five times a day. It will really give a kind of a boost to you.

Tell yourself that it is not the end, it is a new beginning. One should try to learn from his failures. What and where was the drawback? How can it be amended? Find out ways to do the things differently. And as said above, tell yourself those lines at least five times a day. Life itself is a biggest teacher. Instead of sitting back and having a self- pitty on you, try to find out the wrong, right will automatically come out. Parental support is the most important thing in this regard. Instead of criticizing your child, try to help him figure out his drawbacks and help him solve the issues.    I would end my words by saying the following lines I read somewhere- “Rakh hosla wo manzar bhi aayega, pyaase ke paas chal kar samandar bhi aayega, thak kar mat baith ae manzil ke musafir, manzil bhi milegi aur milne ka maza bhi aayega”.

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    Scrupulously written. Great work.


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