“ feminism ” is a French Revolution which never existed in 19th century & before. But in the 21st century Feminism is a Worldwide matter of concern which is represented by various people of various countries. Now a days Feminism is the most influential topic reviving from the open minds of the new generation. Before we proceed further let us know a bit about what Feminism is all about.

Feminism is the belief in the Social, Economic & Political equality of the women. Feminists are committed to activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests.

                                                                       History of Feminism

In the 19th century, Womens were still compelled to cover their heads in public and Husband still had the choic of selling his own wife. Even in 20th century womens were still facing the same pain as they had no right to get educated due to which they couldn’t fight for their own rights . At the end of 20th century, in United States, a group of women stood up for the gender equality which was named as a Feminist Movement . During the later 20th century women groups frm all over the world started banding themselves together in the Feminist Movement . As the time passed by, the college educated womens started to learn more about  Feminism and became the voice for the womens who were facing mental/physical pain and injustice.


Misogyny can be termed as the antonym of Feminism. Feminist are the people who talk about the women’s rights and interests just opposite to it comes Misogyny  where people actually hate the gender discrimination and are against to the rights which are only provided to the womens. Misogyny functions as a system which majorly focuses on the Male-dominated society.

                                                                    History of MISOGYNY

Famous writer of the passed century , Aristotle, contended that women exist as a natural deformities of the imperfect males . Ever since, Misogyny was considered as a philosophical disease of something which was actually good. Womens were always considered inferior to men in all ways. Misogyny actually was an Anti-Social condition which gave no value to the women of that time.

                                                                FEMINISM Over MISOGYNY

In the 21st century there are still some followers of the Misogyny and the debate between the practitioners is never ending. But being the youth of the advanced revolution one can be a confident feminist as it really dosen’t effects to any human culture but Yes, it may change the lives of many such womens who are even today facing the same harassment and injustice. And for people who think that giving those ‘Special’ rights to women is actually not worth it are those type of people who compel the Government to create such laws.

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