Highest Paying Bollywood Actor Top 10

Bollywood industry has one of the most highly paid actors .Now a days salary is not only a part of the income but big actors also gain remuneration on profits incurred by the movie. Actors are highly paid and if the movie becomes a box office hit they too gain a share of profit along with the producers .Let us have a look on the highest paying bollywood actor who are the most highly paid in the industry.

Aamir Khan – 60 Crore Rs.
Aamir khan being on the top charges 60 Crore per movie. Although it’s been years that Bollywood’s most perfectionist actor’s only one movie is released in a year but it not only rules the box office but also comes up with a strong message for the society and creates history.He has recently earned a profit share of Rs 110 crore in the movie dangal apart from the regular charge that he takes for a movie.Well ,that’s a matter of talk in the B-town as Mr.perfectionist never disappoints his producers.

Salman Khan – 60 Crore
Salman khan is entitled as second most highly paid actors of bollywood whose movies have to be a commercial hit. A box office collection of 300 crores is worth for actors like him.He has recently shared a profit of 105 crore for his movie Sultan which was again a block buster hit.

Hrithik Roshan – 50 Crore
Hrithik Roshan has been one of the third most highly paid actors of bollywood actors who are ruling this industry. He charges an average of 50 crore per movie.He had recently charged 50 crore in the movie Mohenjodaro .But since the box did not do well so he was not remunerated as there were no profits incurred.But still the actor holds a strong grip in the industry.

Shahrukh Khan – 40-45 Crore Rs.
The bollywood baadshah king khan or SRK is B-town s fourth highest paying actors of bollywood . Although he has his own production house named as Red chillies Entertainment .The production house is owned by his wife Gauri khan. So he charges 40-45crore per movie as a part of his salary.

Akshay Kumar – 40 Crore
Khiladi no .1 is fifth highest paying bollywood actor who charges 40 Crore per movie.His movies have mostly been box office hit.He is the considered to be the highest tax payer in the industry . his movies are worth watching as people still love his comedy and his actions.

Ajay Devgan – 25 Crore
Ajay Devgan is sixth highest paying bollywood actor who charges 25 Crore per movie.He has recently started his own production house . The first movie under his production house Shivaay has really worked well and has received a lot of critics reviews.

Ranbir Kapoor – 25 Crore
The cutie pie from the Kapoor family Ranbir kapoor is seventh highest paying actor of bollywood. He charges 20-25 crores per movie .Although he has not given smashing hits this year in the box office but Ae dil hai mushkil was a musical hit as the songs were fabulous and the music was mind blowing and driving at the same time.

Ranveer Singh – 20 Crore
Ranveer Singh whose recent movies like Befikra, bajirao mastani have him the bollywood. He eighth highest paying actor of bollywood .He won the best actor award for Bajirao mastani in almost every award show last year and is recently working with Sanjay bhansali s Padma vati.

Amitabh Bachchan – 20 Crore

Big B being an age himself for Bollywood’s history is the ninth most paid actors of bollywood. The Padma shree winning actor has recently won the best actor award in his eye opening movie PINK which had receive a lot of critic reviews. He charges an average of 20 crores per movie.

Shahid Kapoor – 15 Crore

Shahid Kapoor is Bollywood’s tenth highest paid actors who has recently won critics choice award in Filmfare for Udta punjab.The award winning actor charges 15 Crore for per movie.

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