A big question is How to prepare for an interview. When we face an interview we don’t know exactly what will happen and a number of thoughts come into our mind. Generally the thoughts are not very positive and we feel that we will loose the battle. But the real question is how to prepare for an interview. Now days almost 50 percent of the jobs are just based on an interview and almost all the jobs at the corporate level are based on a personal interview. All the senior positions are almost closed on the basis of an interview only. Through this article we will discuss “ How to prepare for an interview ” and our major focus would be “How to prepare for a job interview”.

Before you think that you need to take a job you should start preparing almost 6 months back that how you will face an interview. Every interview is with new challenges and if you are well prepared for an interview you are well relaxed and your chances of selection are almost confirmed. In interviews you major focus is to convince a recruiter that you have all the skills, knowledge, experience for that particular job profile that the recruiter is looking for and you are the best among all. Now we will discuss in detail “ How to prepare for an interview ” and specially job interview.

  1. Research the Organization – You should research the organization for which you are going to give the interview. One should have the business details for the organization where it’s operating and its geographical expansion, products organizational structure.
  2. Brush up your Professional course – You should brush up your course content if you are a fresher as this will help to generate a confidence level.
  3. Should have a thorough knowledge of your Job Profile – You should outline your job profile you are handling. One should know his or her KRAS and should able to explain to the recruiter so that he understands it and can analyze that you would be the most suitable resource for the job profile that the recruiter is offering.
  4. Prepare an impressive personal introduction – You should prepare a impressive and brief personal introduction of yours which will constitute both your personal and professional overview.
  5. Analyze the job Profile for which you are giving the interview and you should have a thorough understanding of that job profile. You should be able to make the recruiter understand that you would be the best for his job role that he is offering.
  6. Prepare for the points mentioned in your resume – You should prepare the points and contents mentioned your resume as this will help you to fight the questions when you give the interview.
  7. Try to follow the slogan Be Punctual – You should be punctual in reaching for the interview. Make it a practice that whatever you do take at least 15 minutes in hand as this will increase your chances of selecting and beating the other competitors. When you give the interview try to highlight that you are a punctual person and whatever assignment you do you try to complete that before the assigned time.
  8. Prepare a well defined Resume – Your resume should be simple, short and well defined in such a way so that the resume speaks everything of yours.
  9. Practice to be confident – This is the most important aspect for any interview you face. You should try to build up your confidence level and should always show that you are confident person in life.
  10. Work on your Body language – As a candidate you should work on your body language. Your body language speaks many things about your personality so you should work on that part. Recruiters always judge the body language of a candidate as they get an idea that what kind of individual one is in real life by his personality and body language.
  11. Improve your personality – You should give time to improve on your personality part. Personality part is very important when you face an interview. A Pleasing personality will help you to take up job easily.
  12. Have a perfect interview dress – You should have a perfect interview dress. Plan your wardrobe in formals preferably black and white or any light colour.Wear a perfect well polished sparkling shoes.
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  14. Visualize the interview – One should visualize the interview. You should be confident, poised and articulate.
  15. Make a list of the strength and weakness and practice how you will articulate them. One should write the answers of the questions in which generally you are not confident as this will help you to generate confidence and will help to alleviate your anxiety.

Through this article we have discussed and covered almost all the points of “ How to prepare for an interview ”. This article mainly highlights the points of “How to prepare for a job interview”. These important tips will help you to prepare for a good interview and definitely if you follow these important points you will qualify for an interview and you will get a perfect job of your match.

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