It is well said that the monsoon is the real finance minister of the Indian Economy. The importance of monsoon on Indian Agriculture and economy cannot be denied. The importance of monsoon season in India is as the Indian agriculture, river systems, water stock, flora and fauna are all dependent on the monsoon season in India. As after the summer we all see the sky that when the monsoon season will hit as without the monsoon we cannot even think of starting the agricultural season as almost all the crops are dependent on the monsoon rainfall. The importance of monsoon rainfall is especially important for the Indian agriculture which in turns affects the GDP of the country and thus a good monsoon is vital for the economy and the country’s development. Monsoon season is considered as the blood for the Indian agriculture and Indian economy as without this even we cannot think to do agriculture the primary source of revenue for the Indian economy so the Monsoon is also known as the backbone for the agriculture and our Indian economy. Importance of monsoon on Indian agriculture and economy would always be there no matter to whatever extent we are developing technologically and whatever number of reservoirs we create as almost 75 percent of the water source is dependent on the Monsoon season in India.

Our Indian economy is highly dependent on agriculture and our agriculture is dependent on the monsoon rains every year. In case the monsoon is favorable then we have a positive impact in our economy. The crops grown in different part of the country are largely dependent on the amount of rainfall in these respective areas. Indian economy is largely dependent on the wills of the nature and every year there is an uncertainty. If the monsoon fails over a wider part of the country then the result will be famine. The famine problem is largely governed by the vagaries of the monsoon. If the monsoon fails then the prices of the goods increases and the services of other class of people is diminished. Products of industry do not find a ready market and the supply of raw materials to industries also suffers. The balance of trade is also dependent on the vagaries of monsoon as if the monsoon is favourable we have a favourable balance of trade and if the monsoon is not favourable we have a negative balance of trade. The failure of the monsoon affects unfavorably the volumes and the balance of India’s foreign trade. The revenue of the government sharply decline due to the fall in the national income and the government is burdened with extra ordinary expenditures. Hence so great is the dependence of the country’s revenue and income on the monsoon every year.

So we come to a conclusion about the importance of monsoon in the Indian economy. But if we will go back to the history of 10 – 15 years the monsoon used to be favourable to certain extent but in the coming years we have seen that rarely the monsoon is favorable. The answer to this question is that actually we all are playing with the nature. In a greed to develop industries we are going for deforestation and we are cutting down the trees and we are forgetting one important point that  our industries needs raw materials as they are to some extent dependent on the agriculture only. Even the agro industries are totally dependent on the agriculture and the agriculture is dependent on the monsoon. So we should develop greenery everywhere and we should plant trees so that the monsoon can be made favourable as monsoon largely depend on trees and the importance of monsoon winds in India is a point which always plays a major role in making the monsoon favourable. Although the monsoon rainfall is very uncertain as at times it arrives early and at times it arrives too late. It causes too heavy rainfall in some parts and too little in others. It may course floods and droughts and our agriculture and economy is dependent on the mercy of the monsoon. However to minimize this we should go for the constructions of modern canals, flood control methods, afforestation and diversification of Indian industries.

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To conclude we can say that the importance of monsoon on Indian agriculture and economy would always be there and only what we could do is that we should opt for the methods to store monsoon water so that may be if in some year if the monsoon rainfall is not to the expectations then also we are able to protect our agriculture and at the same time we should try to create greenery everywhere as the monsoon largely depends on this. The importance of the monsoon rainfall will always play its part but we should go for the construction of maximum number of canals in all parts of the country so that we could store the water and we should not forget the quote that “Jaal Hi Jeevan Hai”. The monsoon season is having a deep impact in our economy as ours is an agrarian economy and we are dependent a lot on the monsoon season. The importance of monsoon on Indian agriculture and economy is like the importance of blood for the human body as without blood we cannot survive and so is that without the monsoon rains we all cannot survive and there is a big question mark on our existence on this earth.

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