If one is thinking to speak in English he should have a good Vocabulary then only he can speak fluent English. Language is what requires word power then only it can be expressed in a proper manner. If you don’t know the correct words to express yourself in English you will find it difficult to speak fluently. Improving Vocabulary is not a big deal and if you follow certain steps your vocabulary will definitely get enriched in some days. In this article we will discuss the important methods, techniques and Tips so that one can improve his Vocabulary after some days. But the important thing that should be noted that one should follow the techniques religiously then only he can be a English language master after some days. When one can have a command in his Vocabulary then speaking fluent English is easy and simple. So now we will discuss the points “ How to improve Vocabulary in English ”

  1. Try to learn new words – One should make a habit of learning new words daily. If you are learning at least 5 words daily then this will help you to increase your vocabulary after some days definitely.
  2. Read a lot – You should start reading books a lot. One should read the books he is interested. One should make reading as a habit. When you go for bed at least if you are not having time then at least you should read one page.
  3. Try to Connect – You should try to connect with the people in and around you with the words that you are learning on a day today basis. There are chances that may be you may not be able to express properly but then also you should start connecting with the people. This would be a bit difficult in the initial days but slowly and gradually you will feel comfortable.
  4. Go for the Literature part – You should start reading literature books. Literature is what is based on real life themes and stories which you will feel. Moreover you will not be bored and your interest for the language will get created increasing your Vocabulary.
  5. Browse through the Internet on a Regular basis – Read online magazines, essays and blogs on variety of subjects. You should go through the internet on a regular basis.
  6. Engage yourself in conversations – Try to have conversations with your friends so that you should get a chance to speak freely without fear which will tend to remove your hesitation and your vocabulary would improve.
  7. Start using the language in Whats app Groups – You should start using the language in Whats app Groups so that you should understand how to use the language.
  8. Go for the words you don’t recognize – You should go for the words that you don’t recognize. There is a habit that individuals skip the words they are unfamiliar. But one should not tend to skip and you should refer to the dictionary and try to get the meaning of the words. This will increase your vocabulary.
  9. Make writing your practice and habit – To increase your vocabulary you should make writing your practice. When you write the words they settle in your mind and when you tend to express they come out automatically.
  10. Try to learn Latin – If you are thinking to have an excellent vocabulary try to learn Latin as many English words roots are from the Latin Language. You can take up the online modules to learn the Latin Language.
  11. Solve Word Puzzles and play word Games – Vocabulary can also be improved by playing games and solving word puzzles. When you solve puzzles your vocab power increases as you tend to get a word from that puzzle and you remember that word which boosts your vocab power.
  12. Try to set a goal – You should set a goal then only you can improve your Vocabulary. Goal setting is important to achieve the desired goal and so is to improve your vocabulary.

These are some of the important Tips and points how one should improve his Vocabulary. The only attention that is required is that you should religiously follow these points then definitely you will get success and you can speak the language without any hurdle or barrier. So now the problem “ How to Improve Vocabulary in English ” can be resolved if you follow these important points and one day you can use English language like any other language.

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