Jab Harry Met Sejal Box Office Collection

The king of romance is back with his charm .Directed by Imtiaz Ali  Shahrukh khan and Anushka Sharma starring  Jab harry Met Sejal was released on  4th  august 2017. The movie has received a  grand opening with an overall box office collection of 16.5 crores on day 1 which is the fourth highest gross opening of this year.

As the old wine tastes more so is the king of romance in his acting. Although the movie has received mixed responses from critics and has been rated 3/5

But has managed well with the numbers in terms of box office collection.The story of the film revolves around the journey of Sejal (Anushka) who is in Search for her engagement ring which she loses on her month-long Europe tour. To find her ring , she hires the same tour-guide Harinder Singh Nehra (Harry

(Shah Rukh) and visited the same spot  where they visited with their family.

Talking about the review director  Imtiaz Ali , whose movies are based on central theme of relationships and their vagaries, said he has never belonged to the “intelligent club” and always aimed at making this film for the masses. He also talked  aside criticism that his “touch” was missing from the film, saying that he never wanted praise for himself while making the movie. At a recent event, he was quoted saying, “I have not made this film for praise. You know I would like to be the director who can make different kinds of films. This one is made to reach the maximum number of people. Not to just get praise for myself.”

It’s a repetition of the same old romantic movies and the jab harry met sejal has nothing new on the platter. The first half of the movie is although interesting but the second half completely

Flattened and has no spicy element nor a strong story base. The movie is slowly steeping down and has earned around 45.02 crore in terms of box office collection.

Shahrukh s fans are really expecting big from SRK and one never knows his charm seems to be lost in the woods.


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