Prime Minister’s Jan Dhan Yojna

 Benefit to the Jan through Jan Dhan Yojna

 The recent tough decision taken by our Honbl’e Prime Minister which is of Demonetisation is indeed an excellent step in order to curb the monster named “Corruption”. Good thing was that it got and is still getting massive support from the youth and it is a very good thing to see that no news of any kind of riots happening on the roads because people of the nation are no doubt tired of this monster and want to get rid of it and so they are co-operating. And no doubt it was again the far sightedness of Honbl’e Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi the reason why he introduced Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna. First of all, Jan Dhan Yojna, which was introduced by Prime Minister on 28th August, 2014 had the objective to ensure access to various financial services like availability of basic savings bank account, access to need based credit, insurance and pension to the weaker sections or the low income group. This was one of the ways by which he wanted to fulfil his very moto of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas”. Because of this Jan Dhan Yojna, each family has atleast one account in which money is deposited and transferred. And because of this Jan Dhan Yojna, the hard- earned money of poor and weaker sections were now safe and secure in their a/c even after Demonetisation.


According to the data available on the website of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna, a sum total of 15 crore 67 lakhs and 9 crore 85 lakhs accounts, both in Urban as well as Rural Areas respectively have been opened till date. After the implementation of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna, almost 60-70% of the Population of India has been covered. More and more people have now come under banking sector. It has started digitization in the Rural Areas by issuing Ru- pay Debit Cards. Around 19 Crore 44 Lakhs Ru-Pay debit cards have been issued till the date of 09/11/2016. The name of Jan Dhan Yojna is also listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for opening maximum number of Bank Accounts in a week. Because of introducing this plastic money, the people try to carry less cash with them. Due to this, no one can now snatch away their hard- earned money forcefully from them. Less chance of money getting lost due to pick- pocketing. Now, their hard- earned money is safe. Not only this, people can now get interest on their money deposited in the Banks. People are now developing skills on how to use a debit/ATM card. Best part is of a bank overdraft up to Rs. 5000/- which any person on one account from one household (preferably lady of the household) can take from the bank even if he has opened his account with a zero balance. May be, for a middle- class family, a sum of 5,000/- overdraft may not seem to be much, but for a poor person, even this much sum can help a lot in some way or the other. And prioritizing a lady of the household to claim the amount is in a way motivating the women to take the charge in her hands, and in one way promoting women empowerment too. Earlier Man was only considered to be the head of the family, but after this scheme, the oldest women of the family, if alive, would be considered as the Head of the Family to claim the benefits. Only, in the absence of Female (suppose if she dies), only then, the Eldest son will be known as the head of the family.

Above all, an accidental insurance cover of Rs. 1 Lac which would provide economic strength to the dependents of a particular person, if he meets with an accident and has a Jan Dhan Account. No minimum balance is required which needs to be kept in the account. After the introduction of Jan Dhan Yojna, it is easy for the Government to transfer the amount of compensation directly to the a/c of the beneficiary, without involving any middle- man. And because of that, the corruption in giving away the compensation to the beneficiary has lessened to a very good extent. Also, earlier, when poor people had to face many problems in opening the bank account, now, Jan Dhan Yojna has made it simple. Now, the banks are themselves helping them in opening their bank A/c. Many private banks have also come forward in this regard. The best part can be seen of a village named “Akodara”, located an hour away from Ahemdabad, is the first Digital Village of the Country. According to a report Published in the newspaper, even, selling agri- products in the local area are made cashless. And moreover, after linking of Adhaar to their account, the government benefits are directly transferred into their savings account. Even at a small kirana shop, you do not need to pull out your wallet to pay money, the shopkeeper will tell you the process and you can make the payment from your mobile.

It can be said that, Jan Dhan Yojna is in a way is also promoting the Project of “Digital India” by our Honbl’e Prime Minister. Above mentioned is the best example that can be seen of people taking out the best benefit of Jan Dhan Yojna. Almost everyone over there has a bank account, and are doing cashless transactions in their day- to- day lives. It is one of the best programmes that have been launched by Honbl’e Prime Minister for the benefit of Common People. But, unfortunately, still there is a small percentage which needs to be made aware about this. There are still many people who do not have a bank account and are taking the risk of keeping their money at Home. There is a need to aware these people and help them in opening Jan Dhan a/c under the scheme and make it a Grand Success. We should take educating the masses unaware about it as a moral responsibility to make this project is a grand success and Contribute a bit in this ambitious project.

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