Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise

How to lose belly fat is a common question among people. With proper diet we can lose belly fat at home.

No doubt, a fat belly indicates-“ Khaate Peete ghar ke hai”, but this extra fat can also lay adverse effect on your health. Most of the people , especially girls, nowadays are concerned with the belly fat, because of which most of the times they cannot wear their favourite outfit for the party. Why? Because no one at the party will notice the dress, rather, their eyes will go first on the belly fat. What not we do to lose belly fat- dieting, exercising, everything. But, everything goes in vein as soon as we stop regular exercise. There are also ways by which one can lose belly fat without exercise. Let’s have a look at them-

  • Substitute unhealthy with a healthier one– For ex- one can substitute the unhealthy white rice from a healthier one- brown rice. We can also substitute sugar with either honey or Jaggery or Gud (which is a natural sweetener and much healthier than sugar).
  • Substitute refined oil with either Canola Oil or Olive Oil– Olive oil or Canola oil can be a healthier option which can be used for cooking purposes. Canola Oil lowers cholesterol and is considered to be good for health.
  • Choose Grilled over Fried– You do not need to stop eating your favourite chicken dish, if you are a non- veg lover and want to reduce belly fat. You can grill the meat instead of frying it. Chicken or Mutton has its natural oil. So you will not need any extra oil to cook. It will release its natural oil in the process. And so less use of oil and you can enjoy your favourite chicken.
  • More Soups and Salads for Dinner– One should always try to have a light dinner in the evening, because it is the only time of the day when we do nothing physical activity after eating. So, it will be easier for our body to digest it. You can have Vegetable Soup or a healthy salad with lots of stir- fried veggies for the dinner.
  • Increase intake of Water Drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water a day. It not only keeps our body hydrated, it also fills up your stomach and you will not feel an urge to eat anything after having water and this will prevent you from going towards any kind of Junk Food.
  • Substitute normal tea with either Black Tea or Green Tea– You can have a cup of either green tea or black tea if you want. It will not only reduce your belly fat, rather it will also help your skin glow. Tea with added milk and sugar are high in Calories.
  • Eat before you walk out– Even if you are going out for a dinner or for a party, make sure you eat something before you leave. Experts say that this will help you choose a wiser option what you have to eat. For ex- You can have a bowl of yoghurt or a small portion of Salad etc.
  • Intake fruits to maintain energy level– Fruit intake will not only maintain energy level and it will also make your stomach fill. One must try to have at least one seasonal fruit everyday but make sure you have it between two meals.
  • Eat small meals of food instead of a big one meal One should eat only when he feels an urge to eat. It should be kept in mind that if you eat six small meals a day, it will not affect your body, but if you have a one large meal, then the body will have to do much more hard work in digesting that. And one more thing which should be followed is that; eat that much which is required for your body. For ex- if your hunger is satisfied after eating 2 chapatti, then you should not opt for the third one. Eat again, after you feel the urge. Because till that time, the food will be digested. According to the nutrition experts, this technique will help you reduce weight and also maintain your energy level.

These are the simplest precaution if people adopt then positively these all will work to lose belly fat.

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    good one

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    Good article…some simple steps can change our life.


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