नहीं फूलते कुसुम मात्र राजाओं के उपवन में,

अमित बार खिलते वे पुर से दूर कुञ्ज-कानन में।

समझे कौन रहस्य ? प्रकृति का बड़ा अनोखा हाल,

गुदड़ी में रखती चुन-चुन कर बड़े कीमती लाल।

-“ Rashmirathi”- RAM DHARI SINGH ‘DINKAR’

It’s the time of bio-epics, and every other   Friday we have some or the other movie based on the life story of a national or  an international personality. Cricketers and cricket per se is worshipped in our country, and it is really a relishing subject where you get to know something about the personal life and the other aspects of about the cricket  icon. So it’s another celebrity story, isn’t it? No. The movie is not special because of its technicalities or extraordinary performances  by its actors, neither does it have great song and dance sequences, which we really enjoy. On the contrary if one watches the movie, he finds the second half pretty disappointing where it ignores altogether the real making of a captain and also the one who gave us the world cup after 28 years. The movie is special because it tells the story of an underdog who makes it big by his raw talent, perseverance and after struggling through various chakrabyuhs of the world and the system. And practically this sets him apart from the Tendulkars and Gavaskers, who had a good lineage, they had been fortunate in taking birth in a family which was in one of the mega metros of India and hence were the privileged ones to have an exposure to the real urban culture, society and important enough , the progressive mentality of a family to think in different terms.


Dhoni  comes from that part of  our country  which can still not boast of  an infrastructure and society as one finds in Delhi or Mumbai. Though things are progressing, yet it’s the question of the psychology, the values and the mentality which is prevailing still in these parts( which I in no way find objectionable and questioning). Rather than the problem is that one is forced to think like this , specially in a lower middle class family where there is a single bread earner  having an income which at times is below than the modest and nominal terms. People  solely  earn for the proper education of their children, and this is what they emphasize  upon irrespective of the quality of food or even dress, not to mention about means of entertainment. They borrow money even at interest or dispose off their jewellery for the sake of educating their children. In such a family,  it’s  very difficult to go against the parents wishes and carve out a career in something else and also do exceptionally well in it. So, the man has  been a fighter since his childhood and that too beyond doubt. The fight starts since the day we are born, and this fight is against the existing system, the established trends, against the  prejudices  and also the vagaries of life .

We are a big family ( India), and seventy years hence independence , we have pulled off quite impressively, through thick and thins, changing various figures which are found in economics books and business magazines, our Olympic medal tally has also gone above five, we have tried prime ministers from various political parties and have given an example of one of the most vibrant democracies of the world and also that today we are launching satellites for other nations. But in spite of all this, we have not been able to free ourselves from   things like favoritism on the basis of caste, provinces, language  and ,religion, the most important one.  And I am sure, (and so would you agree with me) that we can really never progress till we have shed off these false skins of a snake’s body  from ourselves. We are quite aware of this fact that it is stupid enough of us to think and act like this, but then brazenly we would be continuing to do like this, and in this process we would be butchering the careers , prospects and lives of millions of  the deserving ones who fail to see the light of success because of this disease of favouritism, prejudice and also rewarding the sycophants and ass lickers. This fact has been amply shown in the movie where inspite of the protagonist’s immense talent he fails to come to the notice of the national selectors and it almost becomes like a missed bus for him.

Coming to the aspect of love and romance; since this is what the director seems to be more interested in the latter part of the movie, we find that by and large when it comes to the expression of the love, or to put it in simple words , the presentation of a proposal comes and that may be for marriage even, it is still seen to be the territory of the male. Why isn’t the girl so much bold even  today  to proclaim her love or present the proposal of marriage to the male , when this is  a pudding which is to be equally shared by the two. May be we have not made the girl bold enough or again this is an offshoot of the gender bias prevailing in the society. Or, may  be our mentality to consider a woman brazen and without shame if she dared to do  so! The woman always waits for the man to express his desire to marry her or even pronounce the words,’ I love you’.  Contrarily, talking of a different context , a great thing in the movie is the strength of the protagonist’s mother who goes all out to support her son in pursuing his dreams. This is something really daring, and  if seen closely we don’t find any difference in the ‘ma’ projected in yesteryear movies in terms of her love for her son, but yes the difference lies  in the nature of the love, which is not for shedding tears and abusing the goons but a meaningful love which is instrumental in shaping and chalking out the destiny of her nestling.

This said, she hasteth to a myrtle grove,
Musing the morning is so much o’erworn,
And yet she hears no tidings of her love:
She hearkens for his hounds and for his horn:
Anon she hears them chant it lustily,
And all in haste she coasteth to the cry.
William Shakespeare,’ Venus and Adonis’




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