Narendra Modi the Election Mirror for BJP in UP

BJP is having a very strong leadership front at the centre but at the regional level they are not having strong players who can win matches for them. Their captain Narendra Modi Ji is a strong leader and so is the deputy Amit Shah but they are not able to develop the generations who could be match winners for them at the state level also. Even congress is also facing the same problem. Recently in the Bihar elections the BJP lost the battle as they were not having a strong player who could win for them and at last Nitish Kumar took the match from their hands. Same is the problem in U.P and yet after a lot of discussions in the party they are not able to declare the CM face. On BJP campaigning in Uttar Pradesh there are four State level faces besides Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi and party chief Mr.Amit Shah. But none of the four have been declared the chief ministerial candidate despite Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections being just over a month away.

BJP – The pioneer in turning the parliamentary contest in the year 2014 where the match was totally swapped in one side and Narendra Modi wave played the magic with the other political parties just had no option to see and enjoy the match. This is an irony the party is facing in U.P with no prominent face in U.P. The problem has been felt in the recent week with polls showing Samajwadi party’s Akhilesh Yadav to be the most popular candidate for C.M.

Lucknow : Prime Minister Narendra Modi with BJP National president Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh, Keshav Prasad Maurya and other leaders waves at crowd during the Parivartan Rally in Lucknow on Monday. PTI Photo by Nand Kumar (PTI1_2_2017_000112B)

Although there are four faces but none can be accounted for the C.M post. We will have an analysis one to one. First one is Keshav Prasad Maurya. Till last year he was little known outside the Allahabad Phulpur area.  He is not a very popular face in U.P except his OBC community who knows him. In U.P where BSP and S.P is the king and we have seen that alternately the ownership has gone into their hands only BJP cannot go and rely on him where hardly apart from the OBC group the voters would choose him and vote for him.

Second is Rajnath Singh the party’s tallest leader from the state. He is a Thakur – an influential, muscular upper caste group and his face is a signal to the community. One more very important point is his inclinations in state politics as he does not want to return to state politics and is a happy man at the centre.

Kalraj Mishra is the third face in the list. But his problem is also the same as Keshav Prasad Maurya as he can also fetch the votes for only the Brahmin community and for the rest he is not having any control.

And the fourth face is Uma Bharti – the one time Hindutva leader who belongs to the Lodh community an OBC group. But she is also having a limited popularity in the state. She was the face of the party in 2012, the year BJP came back with its worst result in the assembly polls in over 20 years.

Now this is the biggest dilemma the party is facing and now the party finds itself in a spot of trouble. Declaring a CM candidate at this stage would totally upset the political equation at the state. BJP is not having a local face in U.P who could compete with Akhilesh and Mayawati. Now BJP is facing the same problem that Congress is facing as they are not having strong hands at the regional level to win their regional elections battle. They have to work in State and have to promote the new generations in the state that can be the future face in the state. Modi jee and Amit Shah has to work on this so that in future they would not face this kind of problem. A party can be balanced when they will have competent and strong leaders at the Centre level as well as at the State level.

And now as U.P elections are just knocking the door BJP has to go by Modi Ji face which could bring success for them.  I think Modi Lahar is the only option left. Narendra Modi Ji is such kind of leader whom people know by his own credibility and by the development measures he has taken for the nation in his tenure of two years. People see him as a leader who is above caste, community and is a face that the nation believes that he can bring change and so is the case with the public of U.P where the public needs drastic reforms so that the state could develop rapidly. For this election like the polls in Bihar it is now reliant only on one man and his credibility to win them the elections in U.P. Mr. Narendra Modi will have to win for the BJP India’s most populous state elections as he is the only face who could steer the boat for BJP and can compete with BSP and SP in the state elections.

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