Narendra Modi is a leader with immense potential and a vision which from a long time the country was waiting. He is a leader with a difference and a man who will definitely change the outlook of India. The BJP win in Uttarpradesh is a defining moment in Indian democracy. Narendra Modi is the real hero for BJP historic win in assembly elections 2017 in Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand. Almost 2 and half years has passed of the Modi led government and we have seen an equal balance between the Centre and the states. In the year 2014 the vision of the real hero was very clear when he took the charge that if we have to change the outlook and the mirror of the country BJP has to expand its ruling branches to the states also then only the vision of our great Prime Minister would be fulfilled. The country can be controlled only when BJP would have the governance in the states also. With this vision only Modi Ji has a real challenge that the party could perform well in the assembly elections 2017 in the most defining state of U.P and Uttrakhand and finally P.M Narendra Modi became the real hero of the party for BJP historic win in assembly elections 2017 in Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand.

Rarely has a party been able to expand its social base in such quick time in such unprecedented manner among the masses that a small kid also feels that it’s our great Prime minster that could shape his future and he also feels that his future is in the hands of the real architect of India.

11th March 2017 was the day of the real rising sun in the state of Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakahand when as the counting of votes started and the results started coming it was like that every common man has marked his name in the ballot box and every common man of the two states is interested in “VIKAS” progress and development when as the election results started coming BJP led Modi government was on the top of all political giants and above all the political parties. In Uttar Pradesh when our Prime Minster and Mr. Amit Shah started the rallies there ultimate aim and moto was the development of the common man. In the state which is known as “Ummedon Ka Pradesh” whether it was the S.P, BSP or the congress each one was trying to fight the election on the basis of caste, creed and criticizing about the policies of the BJP led government and all were least bothered about the real pains, issues that the common man has at the present situation. But P.M Narendra Modi in his tenure of 2 and half years is only bothered about how to develop the nation and he understand the tears and the pains of the common man and his major flagship is development which is well narrated and explained in the policies , schemes he has opted. Whether it is the demonetization policy, Jan Dhan Yojana or the other schemes of P.M Narendra Modi the ultimate aim is development.

This time the masses of the two states had well judged that it is development which is necessary for everyone and all should come out of the shell of caste, creed and they understood the slogan of our great Prime Minister and Amit Shah which helped BJP to crush all and emerge as the ultimate winning party by claiming 325 seats in U.P and 56 seats in Uttrakahand. In Uttarpradesh it was history after 1991 that BJP is in the power with a bang.

Travelling on the ground it is astonishing to see the admiration of the real hero Mr. Narenda Modi that he lives in the heart of the common man. In some of the poorest Districts of U.P and Uttrakhand the voters said that he had delivered what he has promised and he has taken over the rich and corrupt and is thinking to give everything to the common man so that the state of the common man can be changed.Mr. Amit Shah in his speech at the BJP Head quarter in New Delhi on 12th March 2017 said that he has seen in his recent election campaigns how Narendra Modi lives in the heart of the common man and where every ones feels that their dreams can be fulfilled by only one person P.M Narendra Modi.

This time after the Lok Sabha elections in the year 2014 it was the Modi wave and his development card that played the magic and the party got a massive win above all in the two states. Modi Jee is having an emotional connect with the people and so do the masses have with him. He lives in the heart of every one and we have seen him bursting into tears during the speeches that how he feels the pain of the people. This emotional connect and the heart of the true man the masses have understood which has helped BJP to a two third majority win in the two states and  it is our P.M Narendra Modi who is the real Hero in the win of the party in the Assembly elections . The masses are least bothered about who is the C.M they are only with one slogan “Har Har Modi Ghar Ghar  Modi”. They know only one man our great Prime Minister Narendra Modi whom they have cast their vote and their deep faith on the man that he will transform India and so as Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand.  It is the faith of the common man in these two states in our P.M that after 5 years the state of the common man would change completely. In U.P and Uttrakhand it’s not BJP Sarkar but a Modi Sarkar who is the real Hero behind the Historic win of the party in the two states Assembly elections this time in the year 2017.This moment would be always remembered in the political history and even for P.M Narendra Modi who has well capitalized and is the real hero for the historic win of the party in the assembly elections 2017.

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