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Schemes are formulated to uplift the status of the common man in India. After independence we had number of prime ministers who took the oath to uplift the common masses but only few could think of the common man and did something to revive the status of the common man in India. When Narendra Modi came into power everyone was with the slogan “Ache Din Aane wale Hain “. Our P.M ultimate objective from the first day of coming into power was to mobilize the resources of the country to the fullest extent and to come up with schemes and polices that would benefit the country.

 After our great Prime minster Mr. Narendra Modi came into power he launched different schemes so that the common man could be benefitted to the maximum extent. Our great Prime minister is a very energetic person who always dreams that India would storm as one of the developed nations and should stand with the States and China . He always thinks of industrialization and employment for the youths. In the recent our PM has formulated different kinds of schemes such as Awas Yojna ,Suraksha Bima Yojna , Suknya Samriddhi Yojna , Atal Pension Yojna , Kaushal Vikas Yojna , Jan Dhan Yojna , Mudra Bank Yojna , National Apprenteship promotion scheme (NAPS) , and many other Yojnas .


This scheme is formulated to improve the employment status among the youths . Prime minister Shri Narendra Modi has approved the scheme so that the youth of the country can be trained and employment opportunities can be created .  The sheme , NAPS is launched to support over 50 lakh young people to develop their skill and to train them for their future job profiles .  The ministry has allocated Rs. 10,000 crore for this project. In India our education system is basically theoretical in nature where the youngsters are provided only bookish knowledge and at a age when we would expect that they would be the earning members of the family they are unemployed . This is an irony but our country is battling with this problem. As we are moving into a trend where we are advancing towards a technological oriented society where from a needle to a aerospace part  now days depend on technology  we need skilled manpower so that we could deliver and can move towards Make in India . Apprenteship means the skill development training that workers need a part from the Bookish knowledge. India has always faced the problem of trained and skilled manpower and work force . The launched program is mainly to train the young generations and to provide them professional knowledge through training classes and work shops . Under this training almost 5 million students will get training in various training centers . At present almost 2,30,000 students are taking training and the government of India is planning to increase this figure to 5 million by the end of the year  2019 –20 .The purpose of the scheme is that we should have trained manpower in the field . To compete with the global market we need specialsed work force who could aid in the production process . With the help of trained manpower we would be able to meet our domestic requirement at the same time we could be a economy in which the exports would increase which would result in balance of trade .Our present education system allows the youngsters to fetch higher degrees but with no result as  they lack skills and the necessary technical knowhow which is required in the global market . Japan, China , Germany   are countries where you will find resources who are not degree oriented but their education system is based on technical and practical programmes which aids the resources to become productive manpower .  The important features of this scheme (a) To promote apprentice programmes and training in India (b) Under this scheme 5 million people would be eligible to receive the skill development training to acquire more competitive jobs in future .(c) The training programme will be held in several training institutions across the country .(d) The government will bear 50 percent of the total cost of training and will share 25 percent stipend given by the training organization. This will definitely lower down the training cost of the centers.

Under this scheme as mentioned above the government of India will share 25 percent of the prescribed stipend subject to a maximum of Rs.1500 per month per apprentice with employers said a notification from the ministry of Skill development and entrepreneurship. The government of India will share a maximum of Rs.7500 per fresher apprentice as cost of basic training with basic training providers. Apprenticeship training is considered to be one of the most efficient way to develop manpower so that they could become more proficient .It provides for an industry led , practice oriented effective and efficient mode of formal training . It is one of the efficient way to develop skilled manpower for the country especially for industries who need work force for the production process. Person after undergoing training can easily adapt to industrial environment at the time of regular employment. The training provides a chance to put skills into practice and helps them to gain confidence in a working environment where there is cut throat competition among all to deliver the best.


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