Phillauri Box Office Collection Day 1

Phillauri box office collection day 1 is not up to the mark. Anushka sharma’s second home production movie Phillauri was released yesterday.The Phillauri had a modest opening and Phillauri box office collection day 1 is 4.02 crores .The movie starrers Anushka sharma herself ,Suraj sharma and Diljot Dosanjh in the leading roles.However it was expected to have a better opening but it could not drive much attention of people even though of the ghostly presence of Anushka’s character in the film.

Reports say that her first production movie  NH10 had opened better than Phillauri, with an occupancy of 25 per cent back in 2015. NH10 had opened with approximately 1000 screens .In the same way  hear Phillauri, too, has opened with equal number of screens but there the way she can trailor had an impact on you tube the movie could not justify the same.There can be various reasons behind this. Anushka’s first home production  NH10  trailor was fiery and the boldness and  thriller added had created  a positive response . The outcome was that the film opened to a good response. In fact, due to a good word-of-mouth the film picked up.

Written by Anvita Dutt and directed by Anshai Lal Phillauri  is the story of Kanan (Suraj Sharma) who is married to a tree on account of being manglik. However, in the tree lived a spirit named Shashi (Anushka) who is now attached to Kanan. The rest of the film revolves how Shashi is sent back to the netherworld by Kanan.The story will have more attention in the north as Diljith Dosanjh has a lot of followers and fans .Although Diljit  is a decent performer but he is not a big enough Khan to make mediocre writing worthwhile. The period flashback where shashi tells her story when she was  involving her lover,  seriously drags the film. Sometimes, the cloying sentimentality of these scenes  is nauseating and these scenes just out of the box like  a sore thumb in the middle of the fun Kanan-Shashi moments.
The movie has been rated 1.5/5 stars .Let us wait and look forward for the weekend collections.

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