70 years since our Independence, but still issues are being raised on the development, freedom and right of women. In some parts of the country or the other, women can still be seen struggling for her rights. Talking of other areas, the condition of women has improved very much as compared from the past. Women are coming forward and taking the charge in their hands. Women are today doing all those tasks which were supposed to be done by men earlier. They are bringing glories to our country, be it in Olympics or be it in any field. Women are giving equal and tough Competition to their male counterpart.


Speaking of participation in Politics, we can also see women giving tough fight to men. The recent example can be given of Hilary Clinton, who gave a tough and amazing fight to Donald Trumph. Even in India, women are coming forward as amazing leaders. For example- Ex Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Late Jayalalitha. The proud moment for the whole of India in 2015, when Guard of Honour to then US President Barack Obama was a Lady named Wing Commander Pooja Thakur on the Republic Day Celebration. This is a proof that a woman can do each and every thing in the world, only when she is given freedom and wings to fly high. If we look at the past few years board exam results, it is always a girl who tops the merit list. These are enough itself to prove that girls are also able to do the things with excellence and even much better than the Guys.

But unfortunately, despite of all these glories, a percentage is still there, which is still struggling for equal rights, they are still suffering from violence, be it domestic violence in the name of Dowry, still cases of women being burned by the in- laws for want of more dowry or be it acid- attack by a psychic one- sided lover just because she rejected her proposal or be it rape cases, these have still not stopped even today. A woman or a girl still does not feel safe to move out after dark, nor do the parents allow her to move out. Leave it after dark, she does not feel safe even in a day light. The worse thing is that, a girl alone cannot still live in this society with pride, everyone can be seen looking at her as an opportunity. This is one of the bitterest truths of our society which even no one can deny. But why cannot one understand that “She is not an Opportunity, she is a Responsibility.” Unnecessary comments by so- called “Dudes” are some of the things which a girl still faces in day to day life. The reality of today’s world is that you won’t see a single guy helping a lady or a girl, if he sees someone misbehaving with her. Be honest, if you have ever done. Most of the people are still living with “Hamein Kya” attitude. Today it has become a common fashion of shooting the whole thing with a mobile camera and uploading and sharing it on a social site with a status- “feeling angry” or “feeling sad” and thousands of people liking and commenting on the same. Is that all we can do. Why cannot someone try to help her?

No doubt, the situation in the present is way much better than that in the past. But still, these curses need to be banished from our society if we want to make our country a better place to live in. We need to get out as soon as possible with the “Hamein Kya” attitude and try to create a women- friendly environment so that she is able to fully live her dreams and reach the heights. Respecting a woman should be considered to be a moral responsibility and should be fulfilled. We need to give her respect in return for the love she gives the world throughout her life and nurtures the world with it.

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  • January 6, 2017 at 8:29 am

    women are an integral part of society. And we respect others and want to be respected.

  • January 6, 2017 at 1:57 am

    This is nothing but the evidences of the age of KALYUG in which we are living our lives. This is a bit unfortunate for us to accept it but yes, this is the worst phase of happening on the face of this earth.A WOMAN is the source of all goodness and sacrifices. she deserves to be respected and loved in the very purest and pious form. We the people are not only responsible for it but are playing equal part in degrading the value of her respect.
    Now, what to do next?
    If we want our society to see some good days, then we should stop shouting and raising our voices out there for equality. A man and a woman were never equal and they can never be on equal ground in any phase of life because the position of a woman is far above and superior than a man.


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