Raees vs Kaabil clash

“Raees vs kaabil news is in the air”. Finally the king of romance is back with a bold look of a strong man who creates his own empire with his ruthless business mind and sharp entrepreneurship skills. The movie is going to bring chills in your spine as the SRK is in full determination to give a blockbuster hit to his loyal fans unlike his past few movies. The plot of the story is based in Gujarat where a common man Raees who is a  bootlegger who starts with a small business and stands a huge empire. The punch line of the movie reveals the entire story, “koi dhanda chota nahi hota aur dhandhe se bada koi dharam nahi hota”.

The film is also starring Mahira khan ,Raees love interest and Nawazuddin siddhiqui who is Playing the role of a cop who has a pledge to smash the business of raees and the war begins between the two. The trailor shows an intense performance of the both the actors and the SRK fans are eagerly waiting for the Bollywood’s baadshah splendid performance.

The movie had to go go through a lot of controversies. Rumors say that the story has been picked from the life of an alleged gangster Abdul latif but this has been completely denied by the director as they say that this is a pure work of fiction.

A few days back after the attack of URI the Maharashtra navnirmann sena banned the films featuring Pakistani .Later they put a condition that that the producers shall  never cast pakistani artists and they have to give Rs 5 crore as a  penalty to the Indian army welfare fund but the Indian army denied to accept it as they did not wanted to be a part of political games.Farhan aktar co producer of the film was also threatened by the MNS.

Currently the controversial part is the clash between raees and rakesh roshan’s KAABIL cast Hrithik roshan and yami gautam.The movie is  love story of a guy who lived and laughed from his heart until one day a tragedy happens and his life is changed but love wins and nothing stops him not even the fact that he is blind since birth.This is one of the biggest clashes of 2017 as 25th of january Raees and kaabil release date .The 43 year old actor says”My father is hurt and this situation could have been avoided”

KAABIL Offical Trailor    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nubDFeiUAsI

Kaabil was to be released in the month of November but Rakesh roshan wanted no clashes in the release of his movie.However,now it is totally upto the BOX OFFICE collection and the critics choice that which which movie is going to get a GREEN SIGNAL. Audience will surely see the box office collection of raees vs kaabil.

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