Ramya Krishna-The Life Essence of Baahubali -The Conclusion

The powerpack performance  of Rana Daggubati and Prabhas for the magnum movie Baahubali –the conclusion is remarkable. But how can one forget the Ramya Krishna the life essence of Baahubali the Conclusion, Historic performance of Sivagami devi (Ramya Krishna) as a beloved mother ,as a dominant queen ,as a strong hearted mother.

Sivagami may have been a fictional character in the movie  but it is Ramya Krishna who made the character more valiant, stronger and compassionate . She played the character of a queen of Mahishmati  which looked so real and promising and so believable. Her exceptionally expressive eyes not only conjured strong emotional reactions, but also made the performance so indelible. Her emotions  looked real and intrigue .The conflict and the differences between Sivagami devi and rani devsena was simply stunning and the dialogues were heavy and uprooting.

The historical movie Baahubali 2 has already slated its position under 1000 crore club.

But the truth is that director SS Rajamoli s first choice was Sri devi for the character of Shivgami devi.When SS rajamoli went to Sri Devi with the script she said that she would charge 6 crore for the movie. He then went to Ramya and she agreed for 2.5crore. The results and the kind of love and affection that she has received from her fans is simply unimaginable and beyond the box.Her performance was so indenible that Sri Devi could have never achieved.

According to the recent reports the senior actress has been thinking of plunging herself into politics .she says

“If it is written in my destiny that I will come into politics, it might happen. Who knows, it might happen,”

“But anything might happen. Let us wait and see,”She has also expressed her interest in joining The All India Anna DMK.

Undoubtedly the 46 years old glamorous actress has a long way to go as long as she has the support of her beloved fans with her.

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