Rangoon Box Office Collection day2

The most awaited movie of Vishal Bhardwaj Rangoon finally hit the screens on 24th of February 2017.The movie had set a lot of expectations but could not make an impression in the box office. The Rangoon box office  collection of 6.7 crore on its first day which is a sheer disappointment as compared to the previous movies of Vishal Bhardwaj namely Omkara and Haider that had left an inevitable impression in the minds of people. Rangoon cast – Despite of the stunning performance by well renowned actors like Shahid and Saif Ali Khan the movie is a farce and flattering.
The opening was not much impressive as compared to the recent movies like Jolly LLB2 and The Ghazi attack  but  the positive reactions from critics as well as audience is a satisfaction for fans and makers. Despite of strong plot and narration and big stars  Rangoon box office collection showed no growth on the next day i.e. Saturday and minted the amount of only 6 crores domestically.The total Rangoon box office collection till date is approximately 12.02 crore. 

PERFORMANCE : No wonder unlike Omkara Saif gives gives his best act  razor-sharp quality. And, Shahid is outstanding. Kangana of course is the reason as to why the movie stills . She is stunning and despite of an odd story she enshrine s at her best.We can believe that two men would cross swords for her. While she is a child-woman or “kiddo” to the sophisticated Rusi, who treats her like an expensive buy, she becomes the heartbeat of the patriotic Nawab, who loves her spirited side. Despite of a strong plot and strong written love  scenes and aesthetically shot, there is lack  of passion. The multiple lip-locks between Shahid and Kangana don’t ignite flames.

There’s a dialogue in the film where Saif tells a British officer, “We’re actors, we know how to convince people.” That isn’t entirely true here. Borrowing Julia’s oft-repeated phrase, “Bloody hell’, one wishes these three had truly dropped their guard.

“The idea was to show a royal love story but the screenplay didn’t really support the idea. Cinematography of the film is exquisite and perfect, every scene is visually attractive. Up till the interval the pace is fast, the film picks intensity in the second half. Julia is innocent and fierce at the same time,she rides horses, beats villains with her whip, runs on trains and jums from chandeliers, but on the other hand, she is too innocent to judge traitors”-Says Bhavni Tirkha

Acting deserves full points.The music and lyrics of the movie was annoying as at a point you become clueless.
Rangoon has managed to get an average rating of 2.75/stars and the audience have mixed responses.

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