Sachin met Narendra Modi for biopic Sachin A Billion dreams

“I was in Delhi so, I thought it would be nice to brief him about the movie. I told him what the movie is about and he was quite happy and gave me a positive feedback,”
: Sachin Tendulkar
Former Indian cricketer Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar is on his way on promoting his upcoming biopic Sachin A Billion Dreams. Sachin met  Narendra Modi to discuss the movie along with wife Anjali.
Sachin -A billion dreams is not just a movie for people. It is a source of passion and inspiration for all who dream big in this small life.”Cricket is like worship for Sachin”-says wife Anjali who had always been a supporting hand in his life.
While visiting Delhi for the promotions of the movie decided to meet our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi today .
He was very warmly welcomed by the Prime Minister and also received a positive feedback for the movie.
The film will show his journey from going to Shivaji Park to meeting Ramakant Archrekar, former coach of Sachin Tendulkar .It will also show the love life of Sachin from meeting Anjali to the journey of their marriage and having kids and being a happy family.
Not only in personal life but it will show the ups and downs of his life when talked about crucial matches.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said,”
This film will not only inspire the next generation but Sachin s highs and lows but it will tell everyone that challenges are everywhere but that does not mean you surrender… you overcome those challenges and said it applies to everyone in life,”
This was indeed one of the most positive feedback given so far. The biopic is directed by James Ersike and is slated to be released on May 26.

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