Social Justice Economic Justice and Role of Educational Institution – Essay

First of all, let’s know what is the meaning of Social Justice? According to an author, “ Social Justice means Justice in terms of distribution of wealth, opportunities and privileges within a society. The fair and proper administration of laws conforming to the natural law that all persons, irrespective of ethnic origin, gender, possessions, race, religion, etc are to be treated equally and without prejudice.
Social and economic justice is important for an individual for living a dignified life. So, now let’s deal with the above mentioned question. What role does an educational institution play in establishing social and economic Justice? First of all, education in every sense is one of the fundamental factors of development. Education improves quality of their lives and leads to broad social benefits to individuals and society Moreover, it plays a very crucial role in improving income distribution and in social justice. With equal distribution of income and wealth, one can naturally ensure economic justice. Earlier, physical factor was considered as the most important factor for determining economic growth, but in the recent few years, economic research say that education refers to human skills and knowledge of the people or labour force. Emphasis should be laid not only on the quantitative expansion, but emphasis should also be laid on the qualitative improvement of education as education plays a a major role in development of any country- be it developed or a developing country. One of the major factors in developing Human Resource is Education. Education brings life, innovations, developments, lot of greater achievements and advancement. If there is a lack of proper education, the people will not be able to differentiate between correct and incorrect, what is good for them and what is bad for them. They will be easily fooled by others and they will blindly trust a wrong person- reason? Lack of education. Education plays a major role in stopping any kind of illegal and wrong practices in the name of Custom. If we turn the pages of our Indian History, we will find many people who stopped illegal and wrong practices after they were educated and they knew it was wrong. If we look around today, we will find people who are able to differentiate between what is correct and what is incorrect. As a result of which, the women are seen raising their voice against the issue of Triple Talaq. Imagine, if they would have not known the difference between what is right and what is wrong for them, they would have remained silent. It feels really proud to say that today people are giving importance to education. Not only for boys, equal importance is given to female education also. Like it is said, “If you educate a woman, you educate the whole family”. It also helps in controlling crime. Thinking how does it control crime rate? If you see, an educated person will know how much importance it is of a dignified life. And what is required to do for a dignified life. If a person is educated and is of a sound mind, he will be able to get employment, which will satisfy his basic necessities of life and naturally, the person will not go in a wrong path. This will eventually reduce Crime Rate. And also the person will not be economically poor.
Educational Institutions help in creating a healthy environment for the society similarly to help in social justice. Educational Institutions give children moral and ethical values which are helpful in the later part of our life when they grow up and are ready to face the world. Let’s talk about the present scene. Are the Educational Institutions providing that quality education which is a need of an hour? Unfortunately, not really. Rather, Education nowadays has become a kind of Business, perhaps, the best business, where you will never gain any kind of loss; you will only gain profit and huge profit. The fee of Private Colleges for one year is more than the annual income of Lower Middle- Class family. This is the bitter reality. Ever Imagined, how will the child of a poor man, who no doubt has the spirit of doing something, will get a chance to study in a reputed college? No doubt, Colleges offer scholarships to meritorious students, but what about the student who really cannot afford to pursue education? Even he has a right to education? What about his infringement of his Right to Education, a right which is given to every citizen by the Indian Constitution itself. Actually, the education part in our country is totally in the Hands of Private Institutions. No doubt, they provide placements in Big MNC’s, but it is not possible for every child to pay its price. A situation of Doubt appears in our minds, will he be able to Compete with others after he graduates, if he goes to some other college? Will he get that “Quality Education” which most of the people think that Private Institutes give? There is a mindset developed that quality education can be given only in private institution.
Now what needs to be done today is that there should be equality in the quality of Education. Because we do not want to develop a Country where there is a difference in the standard of living in the people. If same quality of Education will be provided in every institute, same level of education would be there in the educational institutes, only then there will be rationality in the society and hence the dream of Social Justice would be fulfilled. Skills Development should be focused by educational institute, so that when he faces the world, he is able to do something and earn his livelihood. And in this way, he will be economically sound and when he will earn respect in the society from his hard work, he will be respected socially.

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