The retirement age is 60 years but generally now days we see working professional whether at the government or the private sector retires at an age of 40 or 50. How this is happening and why professionals retire before the retiring age is just because of stress at work place and we as an employee or our employers never think how we should do Stress Management at workplace. Workplace is a station where we generally devote the maximum span of our life and if we are at stress at this place then we are actually doing injustice to our life and ultimately the stress at workplace reduces the tenure of our life and finally we depart. Stress management is important and we can manage stress through simple tips and exercises which is termed as Tips for Stress management and Stress management exercises.

Employers should work and provide a stress free environment to employees. As an employer it is a prime duty that they should recognize the point of stress and should try to rectify this at the earliest and go for the Stress management techniques. Stress in the workplace reduces productivity , increases management pressure, disturbs the normal working of the organization , creates a panic and makes people ill in many ways. Stress at work place affects the individual’s heart, brain and almost all the body parts and this may sometime results in organ failure also. There are number of diseases and ailments that are caused due to stress. Stress is now known to contribute heart diseases. It causes hypertension’s and high blood pressure and impairs the immune system. Stress is also linked to strokes. IBS which is known as irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, diabetes, muscle and joint pain , miscarriage during pregnancy , allergies and tooth loss.

As human beings every one of us to some extent is stressed due to personal problems and pains which is in everyone’s life and when this adds with the problems and stress at work place this becomes a slow poison ultimately dumping our life.  Now we would discuss how we should manage stress at work place and Tips for managing stress at workplace. These are the ways how the employer and the employee can manage stress at work place.

  1. Manage your work – We all should manage our work properly to avoid any chaos at the last minute.
  2. Maintain good and cordial relations with your reporting manager – You should maintain very good relation with your superior.
  3. Effective communication and conflict resolution – There should be effective communication among all the levels and we should work on conflict resolution.
  4. Job Security – Every employer should work to provide job security to his employees and they should feel that they don’t need to worry about their job and just they need to work to increase the productivity.
  5. Fixation of working hours – Working hours should be fixed and employee should work to the allotted working hours and try to complete their work within the stipulated time period.
  6. Allowed to devote time with family and friends – Employees should be allowed to devote time with family and friends so that they should feel relaxed.
  7. Open Office environment – we should create an open Office environment which would reduce internal office politics and there would be a proper communication flow at all levels.
  8. Employee Engagement activities – There should be number of employee engagement activities in an organization through which the employee would feel relaxed.
  9. Flexibility – There should be a flexible culture for the employees which would help them not be stressed for each and every activity.
  10. Own initiatives – Employees should believe on own initiatives to reduce stress at work place. They should eat well and a proper diet especially Vitamin C products foods. They should watch movies, play games and have some quality time with friends and relatives. Even there are certain exercises and other ways through which stress can be relieved. Some of them are as –
  11. Swimming – Swimming is one of the best exercises to release stress.
  12. Meditation – Meditation is again another way and can be considered as an exercise to relieve stress.
  13. Gym Exercises – You can join a gym and can manage stress through exercises at the gym.
  14. Morning and evening walk – You should have a long walk in a green field or park in the morning and evening and can manage your stress a lot.
  15. Through Yoga – Yoga is another effective way through which stress can be managed a lot.

Stress management at workplace can be best described through an example of Google as how Google manages stress for its employees. Google is an organization where there is an open flexible working culture. At Google you will find all kind of facilities for its employees. When an employee enters although there is lot of work but all kind of facilities are there like gym, all modern exercise equipment’s, lush green campus, all kind of benefits for the family members for its employees, proper flow of communication at all levels, employees are properly oriented at the initial level about the expectations and the rewards and fringe benefits so there is no confusion tension at any level. Generally when an employee enters into Google he feels there is job security and in case if any mishappening happens with any employee the family is secured and the financial aid that is provide by the organization is that the family is secure and can live happily if the earning member departs also . So managing this kind of culture Google has managed all king of stress for employees at work place and employees feel free and contribute to organizational productivity which can be well seen by the success and growth of the organization. Stress management at workplace is very important if an organization needs to grow and wants to succeed in the long run. We all should believe in a happy organization and this can be done only when stress is managed well at work place.

One of Google manage stress of its employee’s video

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