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There was a deep anger within the minds of the people, a feeling of anguish and hurt which happens when you are humiliated or tortured, that too from an enemy which is famous for troubling you every now and then, and showing a double face, a face of deception and artifice. One fine morning in the month of September, and people were appalled on opening their newspapers to find out that the enemy had cowardly attacked the army post at Uri and killed 18 soldiers, the brave sons of the motherland from its different frontiers; it had carried out a dastard act, which was surely an attack from behind.  We mourned their deaths, consolations poured in from different corners to their families and children and the social media was flooded with different items ranging from expression of patriotic sentiments to jokes ridiculing and satirizing the government at the center.

The government as well as different politicians expressed their anguish and pain through their comments (as the case which always happens). The PM Mr. Narendra Modi  made a statement that the sacrifice of the soldiers wouldn’t go in vain and India would avenge the deaths of its brave sons.  Many times during such incidents which are of national interest , we have seen that, two distinct sections are created. One consists of the elected government , of which the common men have practically no hold once it comes to power  and the people become silent spectators and again wait for the completion of five years  so that they again get a chance  in the form of pressing  the electronic button of the EVM. The other  zone is that of the people, who vent out their opinion and anger at tea stalls, office canteens, drawing rooms and yes, today the social media in the form of Whatsapp and facebook.  Seldom does it happen that the sentiments and the opinions of the masses are in congruence with that of the government.  I do agree, that speaking at social platforms is quite easy, rather it costs one little. On the other hand , the issue is real serious and of considerable consideration when some decision has to be taken at the national level which represents the thought and say of 125 crore people.  Continuing our talk, the people were constantly looking to the government, particularly the man from whom they had so many expectations, and  in today’s India he represents the hopes, aspirations and dreams of millions of people. We Indians are quite emotional, and behave prettily in the same manner everywhere  as we behave within our family . we consider our neighborhood, our  office, our friends, our cine stars,  the cricket players and the government which includes our prime minister, to be our extended family; a family and every family member  telepathically getting to know everything of the productions of our minds, and in a similar fashion we sulk, frown and get disappointed with our public figures and other people( even the boss), waiting  for the other one to act according our wishes and also begging ‘sorry’ for  his mistakes. Like a  pained girlfriend, we constantly eye  our lover from the corners of our eyes, waiting for that moment when he would hug and embrace us, and then we like angels would pardon him and saying, “ You are the one for whom I am on this earth.”

Meanwhile, the PM Mr. Narendra Modi  speech at Kozhikode helped set up a  larger context that eschewed  a sense of retributive anger. It did help to certain extent  the mollification , and also people consoled themselves  with a feeling that we the people from the land of Buddha, Gandhi  and the Sufis  believe in universal brotherhood and fraternity,  we believe in love and non violence and this is what we have been teaching the world since the dawn of civilizations. And in doing so, we have silently bore the brunt and misdeeds of  our errant neighbors whose sole motto of their existence and foundation has been  troubling  India, forcefully encroach our territories and time to time send packets of virulent  spores  across the borders which would create unrest and disturbance not only in the border areas but also in the hearts of the country. In short, I wish to mention that we all believed that things would continue to go on in this manner, until news began to stream in that  India had begun surgical strikes across the LOC in the terrorist hubs.

Now , this was something we had all not expected and it came from the man who is known for his decisive manners, his statesmanship and also  who has been given the task  of leading us through our mandate and vote.  It filled us with a joy, a sense of pride, and something  which really showed and brought  India to  the light that  we are not and never were we cowards. We knew how to protect ourselves  and we strike at the right moment.  Mr Narendra Modi  exactly gave this message through the surgical strikes and it was a befitting reply to a neighbor who  has been taking us for granted over the years.  At the same time , our leader  sent this clear message that India did not believe in unnecessary bloodshed and  killing people, and hence it was a very special and sophisticated  action which was solely done  to check terrorism across the borders. The PM Narendra Modi did not carry out any chest thumping activity after the strikes and also forbade his ministers  and  wings of the government  from doing so and carrying out acts and speeches  of jingoism which would otherwise give negative perception to the people.

It is very clear that our  neighbor  won’t take  all this in  silence  and may be its next step  would be quite  ugly, savage and inhumane.  The government in fact has begun its work in that direction, evacuating   people to safe places and also their belongings and possessions  being taken care of.  Along with this, the vigil has been increased and our troops are at their command  and everything has been put under high alert.  The PM Narendra Modi has made it very clear that India doesn’t have any  enmity  with the people of the neighbouring country, our fight is only against terrorism.

India has not attacked anyone. Nor is it hungry for any territory. But in the two world wars, 1.5 lakh Indian soldiers laid down their lives fighting for others.”


‘Tiger, Tiger burning bright, In the forests of the night’- Sir, we are with you and we are quite sure of your leadership abilities and of your  vision for this country.  The Buddha smiled   on  1998, and in 2016, the Tiger roars again!!!


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