The season of love is approaching. So what are your plans in valentine week 2017 ? Valentine week is approaching soon and the effect is evidently visible amongst all schools and colleges.. The love bells are ringing and valentine day song is In the air. The teenagers being the most excited ones are planning to find love , they are planning for valentine week gifts for boyfriend /girlfriend or confess their love to their dear ones. In India , celebrating valentine day has become a trend not only in the metro cities but in small towns as well.

The shops are decorated with red roses, hearts, love birds and many other gift items. People are happy and in love. Restaurants are booked and hotels are full as people do take a personal holiday to celebrate the day of love. Let us take a look on the Valentine week chart to see which day is celebrated for whom;



The colour red is on fire and love is expressed by giving roses and heart to your valentine. But is it the only day to express your love to the one whom you love. Of course not.

Love is unconditional and it has no boundaries. It can happen anytime , anywhere and with anyone. But this day of love has become a matter of serious concern because of the growing violence in our cities.

Last year in Aurangabad some activists had blackened the faces of couples thinking that they were behaving inappropriately in public. They have a belief that our country is the land of traditions and ethical beliefs and such activities is ruining the integrity of our values. Couples were beaten and abused .The police had to interfare in the matter and handle the situation.

The question is what is stopping us to celebrate this day. What is wrong in expressing your love in public .Just because we are born in a country where traditional beliefs say to get married first does not means that You cannot express your love to anyone. The Hindu Mahasabha is making official announcements to forcibly marrying the couples who are caught expressing love in public. I understand that love is an inevitable bond of connection between two people and you don’t need a special day to “prove your love” to someone close to your heart but still i don’t feel that banning on expression of love is something to be highlighted as ruining our cultures and traditional beliefs.

This is the day of love to the one who is your beloved .We should celebrate it as a day of joy as a day of living in peace with the one for whom you have feelings. Expression of love should not turn into forcibly molesting a girl or forcibly asking your partner to love you back .That turns into violence and such acts if done in public should be prohibited .


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