Love is like a fragrance that is essential for everyone in life. Without love life is incomplete and it is love which makes life the garden of flowers and sky of twinkling stars. Valentine Day – The Day of love is celebrated all over the world in the name of Love. Valentines day ideas knocking the door of mind lots of valentines day ideas twinkling in mind that how and where celebration should schedule? What should be the way for expressing love ? And when you are in love with someone you dream that when this day will come and you eagerly wait for 14th Feb. Valentines Day is a special day as on this particular day love proposal are accepted the most. Valentines day gifts hold a special significance for lovers. So this day is celebrated with some special significance and is getting popular day by day.

The story of my Love starts when I was in college and was in love with the individual who is presently my life partner. I will just go back to the days when I used to feel that at least one time I should get the chance to see her as she was my junior. But yes I used to just visit her class just without any reason and my ultimate objective was to see and meet her. I will not say to meet her as she never spoke to me but I always had the intentions that at least we should have some conversations so that my journey should at least start. I used to read in news papers and the web about the importance of Valentines Day and used to read it like a text book just to get a solution about my love. Certainly reading was not sufficient and ultimately I was searching someone to guide me in this journey of love which was just one sided at that point of life. Later I started having some conversations just as a senior but that was not sufficient for me to express the feelings that I was having. But yes I had the gut to express but I was just thinking the right opportunity to make my mission successful as my intentions were clear hearted as I was in true love with her .

But yes god has different plans for me as from my child hood day’s god is always with me and has helped me in everything of my life. I was not able to get a chance to express my feelings. My best friend guided me and told that your feelings and emotions are true for her and certainly if you express this on Valentines Day there are chances that your love proposal could get accepted.

I remembered 14th Feb 2006 as before this day my friend has motivated me a lot  to express my feeling and emotions in front of her but yes I had a fear that if I would lose the match my life would be like the barren desert. But I just prepared myself to express my Love on 14th Feb 2006 my lives’ most memorable Valentines Day. I just went to my college well prepared as I was just going to give exam as this was just something more than giving an exam. I prepared myself to face the real testing time and ultimately I went in front of her and expressed in front of her. I felt that she also had the same feelings and emotions for me and when I expressed she was with open eyes as she was also searching the golden moment to express her love. Certainly we both felt that we are made for each other and the day was Valentines Day when we both could express our love, feelings and emotions for each other.  There is a flow of emotions and love in every ones heart who is in true love with anyone and certainly his emotions will flow in this particular day, so we can say that Valentines Day is a day of expressing love. This day every love bird should target to express their love for their partner whom they love the most and even cannot think life without that individual. So Valentines Day is a special and memorable day to express feelings, emotions and sentiments for someone special.


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