Valentine’s Day – The Day of Love and Emotions

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the memory of martyrdom of Saint Valentine.  The day is celebrated on 14th February every year. Valentine’s Day actually is a western concept and was a part of the western countries but now due to influence of the western countries, media, increasing use of technology this is celebrated as a festival of love across the Globe.


The theory behind this is that Emperor of Claudius II didn’t want Roman men to marry during war time. Bishop Valentine the great went against this decision and performed secret weddings. This was considered as an offence and later Valentines was jailed and executed. After his death Valentines was given the name of a Saint. After some years due to the spread of Christianity in Rome the priest of Rome moved the spring festival “Lupercalia” from 15th of February to 14th of February – Valentine’s Day. And now this day is honored by the name of Valentine’s Day and is a very important festival of the west after the Christmas festival and New Year.  At present this day is considered a day of love and affection when individuals have a chance to open up their feelings and emotions for someone whom they feel is the most precious and lovable for them and exchange flowers , gifts , cards and chocolates to express their feeling of love for one another.

Lovers across the globe wait for this historic day to express their feeling and emotions for one another. On 14th February every year all over the world people admire and celebrate this day in the name of Valentine’s Day and they plan to have something special may be jewellery , Teddy’s , chocolates , candy’s which they feel their someone special likes the most . The market places on this special day are like gardens with red roses as red rose is considered the most precious form to express love. In some parts of the world this day is celebrated as an agricultural festival day.

Valentines days is now days celebrated as an festival day and all feel that this day is the right day to propose someone whom they feel that would be the special one with whom they can plan to live their life and can be their life partner with whom death can only separate them but their soul will live together forever.  Now days this day is also considered to appreciate friends and even elders whom you love the most in your life.  And now day by day this day is gaining popularity in Asian countries also. Even after the 90”s  due to transformation of the society and culture in India this day is considered auspicious for Indians also and in India also this is celebrated as a festival of love . Valentine’s Day has become a focus area for Bollywood movies and is making this day more remarkable and popular in India among teenagers and individuals who believe in love and feel without love life has no meaning and life is incomplete.

So we can conclude that this day should be celebrated by all, the forms of expressing love and emotions can be different but the day should be a special day for everyone in this world.


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