Value of Zero

Zero- Invented by Aryabhatta because of which the world got numbers following one, two, and three and so on. If we look back, we will come to know that Zero did the work of providing value to other numbers. By adding one zero to a number gave a two, three or a four digit number. For ex- it was after adding zero to one, we got a number 10. One zero gives a value to other numbers. For ex- 1 is just a number, only after adding two zeroes to it, 1 became a different value. The same 1 became 100. So is the value of zero. This is mathematical value of zero. But nowadays, in our lives, we give a simile of zero to someone in a manner to denote that he is of no use. He is of no value. But no. If, zero would not have been invented, the world would not have got number figures after 9. Because of invention of zero, other numbers got a different value by including zero in them.

In today’s world, zero is being used as a reference to someone to denote that he is nothing. It is being used to actually denote that the person has not achieved anything. Like we usually say these days- Be a hero, not a Zero. I ask why? Why should a zero be considered as guilty? Actually, if we look deeply in the matter, one zero creates a difference between a hundred and a thousand, just one zero and the value either increases or decreases.

This simile given to a person of zero in today’s time of being a zero actually does a work of de-motivating or demoralizing someone. Most of the people today take zero in a negative sense. And this leads them into the state of depression. The denotation of zero should not be taken in a negative sense. Rather, it should try to be taken in a Positive Sense. Agreed, that it is very difficult for a person to be optimistic all the time. But, if one tries to take things in the other way round, this attitude can also change our approach towards looking at things and looking at life. The way of looking at a zero signifies our way of looking at life. It also signifies the positive and negative attitude of a person towards life or anything else. Being optimistic or Pessimistic also affects our life a lot. It not only affects our mental health but it also affects our body in many ways. If you look at the person having positive attitude towards life, you would find him living a healthier life than that of a person with a negative attitude. There will be a difference in their lifestyle. A person with a negative attitude will have no charm, no glow in his face even if he has a beautiful face, but a person with a positive attitude will always have a glowing face.  For a person with a positive attitude, even if he suffers from a chronic decease will be nothing, but for a person with a negative attitude, will take stress even if nothing serious has happened with him. It is also said that a positive attitude can be helpful in solving most of the problems naturally.

So, now the question arises, how to take zero in a positive sense? If you want to change things and have a positive attitude all the time and develop yourself, firstly, treat the Denotation of Zero as a Challenge. Take it as if it is giving you a new opportunity to prove yourself. Zero is also in itself a Hero. Zero should be taken as a new start up or a fresh beginning where it is you who can decide what will be your future. Zero- a start gives a chance to write your destiny the way you want to. So, stop underestimating your value if you also are being given the denotation of Zero, think of it as a new start and be optimistic.


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