Yabla – The language Learning Resource is an online computer assisted language learning company known for its artistic ways to train students and make them a master of the world best languages in a short span of time. Yabla is the Best language learning resource company in the world featuring interactive videos of certain difficulty language learning levels and genres which includes television dramas, music videos, animation, interviews and grammar vocabulary lessons educating students in an interesting manner so that they could learn the world best languages easily and economically at their own ease and convenience. The language learning resource is the best platform for students to learn and become a master of the best languages.

Yabla is a New York based company incorporated in the year 2001 and began accepting subscribers to its French and Spanish sites in 2005. The Language learning resource is currently available in Spanish, French, Italian, German, English and Mandarin Chinese. Yabla is having customers from almost all parts of the Globe but the customer base is mainly composed of native English speakers from the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Australia.

Yabla is very different from any other language online portal. Generally if you would take the example of any of the e- learning language portal they are complex, expensive and tutorial based in which students feel difficult to learn and after some days they try to skip it and try to search some other alternative which would full fill their desire. But Yabla is easy to use and has some great features in which students enjoy to learn a language by making fun. The site is easy to navigate and the methodology of teaching a language through T.V Videos, animation, dramas are excellent and users love it whole heartedly and soon their interest changes into a passion of learning the language.

Yablas smart Technology helps you to learn a language faster and some of the key features help you in a new way to learn and drive a language after some days. The Dual Language, interactive subtitles and the authentic play back controls immerse you in interesting videos including T.V shows, music interviews, documentaries, lessons and many more interesting ways in which you feel after some days that as if you are born with this language. Through Yabla you can learn the language from the best teachers, native speakers using their language in everyday situations making the language a cup of tea for you after some days. Yabla provides ios App and you can practice the language on the go. The mobile app makes the language easy to study consistently every day at your own ease and convenience.

Yabla – The Best Learning resource is for individuals also as well as for educators. You can become a part of the leaning platform by paying a nominal fee through your debit card or credit card wherein you will be provided a user name and password and you can easily get to the best language learning platform in the world. For the educators Yabla is turning to be a learning heaven and Yabla subscribers include the U.S Military Academy, The U.S State Department, The University of Michigan, Harvard University, McQueen High School, Tredyffrin-Easttown Middle School,lowa State University,Birkdale School, University of Guelph Ontario Canada, The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism,Pascack Hills and Valley High School. The language learning hub provides special features to the educators in which they can take the Yabla features and the contents to their specific needs and curriculum. If you are really thinking to become a specialist of either any of the global languages like Spanish, French, English, German, Italian and Chinese you should go for Yabla the Best online computer assisted learning company.

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